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The manual's fairly decent and support is super responsive. They only allows chamsys wings. Mini wing is the least you can go aside from the USBdmx dongle as far as I know. permalink; embed; save; I've used MagicQ PC for about 5 years now and coming from a Leprecon 24 channel 2 scene preset it was a huge improvement. ChamSys manuals. Software. MagicQ User Manual.

Manual ChamSys MagicQ User Manual User Manual Magicq user manual. Text mode; Connection (MagicQ Consoles, MagicQ PC Wing Compact and MagicQ MaxiWing) Connection (Original PC Wing) Enabling the remote input in MagicQ MagicQ Mini Wing; MagicQ PC Wing Compact; MagicQ Extra Wing; MagicQ Compact Consoles Consoles you can fly with. All ChamSys products are designed and manufactured in the UK this means they are fully assembled, tested and inspected under our control.

Manual Contact Us ChamSys MagicQ PC Wing Compact. Available immediately. the Chamsys PC Wing is a faithful companion to many lighting designers and lighting technicians. In combination with a touch display, this Faderwing is perfect. It would have liked to be able to have more than 2 universes per default, but up to 64 via ArtNet! Manual Software. PDF ChamSys MagicHD User Manual Version.

6 2 Getting Started The following instructions assume you are using MagicHD as part of MagicQ PC. Most steps are the same for other system configurations. The MagicQ Mini Wing is a powerful USB control wing that connects to your PC, Mac, or Linux machine. When used with the MagicQ sofware, you can control lighting and video. MagicQ software is free to download. The MagicQ Mini Chamsys magicq pc wing manual arts is the smallest w www. chamsys. co. uk MagicQ Software Quick Start 1 of 44 and advanced features of MagicQ PC.

The manual is available in the software installation and also from the ChamSys when using MagicQ MiniWing or MagicQ PC Wing the functions are available by clicking the screen in the window. ChamSys Ltd MagicQ Using MagicQ PC with a MagicQ Wing or MagicQ USB interface To use a MagicQ Wing or MagicQ USB interface with a PC follow the instructions below. MagicQ PC install v1. Exact sequence of events may vary according to the version of Windows running on the PC. Arts& Languages; Fashion& Beauty; Food& Wine; Home& Garden MagicQ Maxi Wing 12 6144 via PC Unlimited yes yes yes yes yes yes 8 158 yes yes 1 100 202 10 2 yes yes yes 5000 1000 200 1024 1024 1024 1024 yes yes yes yes via PC yes yes yes yes 4 522 370 75 Tel.

44 2380 444 678 ChamSys MagicQ Full Manual. uploaded by. ChamSys. MagicQ ChamSys: Table of Contents. 1. Introduction 1. 1. MagicQ software and consoles 1. 2. MagicQ MQ500 Stadium Console Manual configuration of Multi Console operation 30. 1. Manual configuration of Hot takeover 38. 1. Connection (MagicQ Consoles, MagicQ PC Wing Compact and MagicQ MaxiWing) 38. 2. Connection (Original PC Wing) 38. 3. Enabling the www. chamsys. co. uk MagicQ Quick Start PC Wing 1 of 22 Quick Start Guide to using MagicQ PC Wings Introduction This document is intended to enable you to get up and running with MagicQ PC Wings, through plugging up and View and Download ChamSys MagicQ user manual online.

MagicQ DJ Equipment pdf manual download. ChamSys Ltd www. chamsys. co. uk MagicQ User Manual Patching, Programming and Playback of shows using Generic Lighting, Moving Lighting, LED and Media Servers. The MagicQ PC Wing, MagicQ MaxiWing and MagicQ consoles support a remote input on the