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FCDE1LC, FCDT1LC Managed E1T1 or Fractional E1T1 Access Units Data Sheet Managed TDM multiplexers for access to full or fractional E1T1 services FCDE1LC and FCDT1LC are managed access units that convert rates and interfaces for full or fractional E1T1 services. FCDE1LC, FCDT1LC Managed E1T1 or Fractional E1T1 Access Unit FCDE1LC and FCDT1LC support a single or dual serial n 56 kbps or n 64 kbps data user interface.

An Ethernet LAN interface can substitute the serial data interface port to allow LANtoLAN connectivity over TDM media. 2 FCDE1LC, FCDT1LC Managed E1T1 or Fractional E1T1 Access Units USER INTERFACES The FCDE1LC and FCDT1LC units feature the following serial data user interfaces: generated by a remote FCDE1LC, FCDT1LC, or DXC in a specific bundle of timeslots allocated only to that port.

The user can also define BER or inband tests to run on any timeslot of the main link. E1 network statistics are stored in memory, according to RFC 1406. RADviewTDM FCDE1LCFCDT1LC Users Manual Chapter 1 Introduction Launching RADview FCDE1LC FCDT1LC 15 Using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) The FCDE1LC FCDT1LC Level window provides a dynamically updated graphical representation FCDE1LC E1Fractional E1 Managed Access Unit Version 1.

0 Installation and Operation Manual Notice This manual contains information that is proprietary to RAD Data Communications Ltd. (" RAD" ). RAD's FCDE1LC managed interface converter integrates voice and data traffic over E1 or fractional E1 lines.

The FCDE1LC offers an attractive entrylevel priceperformance ratio for campus, corporate, municipal, and utility applications.

FCD2L Installation and Operation Manual Chapter 1 Introduction 1. 2 Physical Description FCD2L is available as a standalone unit or as a rackmount card for installation in an ASMMN214 card cage mounted in a 19 rack.