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Aug 03, 2011  Studio22 introduces the Strato II multi trigger. Ideal for strobist photographers using speedlights or as a studio flash Thanks to Phottix for providing a prerelease Phottix Strato II Multi for review purposes. Also not shown is the instruction manual. Overview of the Strato II Multi Trigger. Transmitter The Strato II Multi transmitter has the buttons, switches and other controls arranged around the outside edges. All are clearly labelled, and the switches Amazon.

com: Phottix Strato II Wireless Flash Trigger Multi 5in1 Set for Nikon Transmitter and Receiver (PH ): (which doesn't bother me as I always have my offcamera flashes set on the same manual power level). So I can put 4 offcamera flashes with receivers in the four corners of a ballroom and easily have them all on, 1 The Phottix Strato II are currently our top choice all round Manual radio trigger for speedlights (and studio lights).

Just a few years ago the first great inexpensive radio trigger arrived in the form of the YongNuo RF602. Although the 602 was a huge leap forward they still had some shortcomings Instruction ManualsDownloads; Downloads. Manuals and software; Catalogues; Manuals and software Phottix Strato II Multi Download instruction: PHOTTIX 6 in1 IR Remote Download instruction: PHOTTIX Cleon II Download instruction: PHOTTIX PLATO Download instruction: Jan 23, 2013 I intend to use them in manual exposure mode (no TTL on Strato II anyway), remotely on stands with umbrellas.

At some point in the future I will get more Nikon flash guns and retire the Canon unit. Q1. The Strato II Multi is a flash trigger and it can be used as a wired or wireless shutter release. The 2. 4 GHz. transmitter and receivers offer ranges of more than 150 meters and sync at speeds of 1250 second. Strato II Multi. 2. 3 En INSTRUCTION MANUAL Receiver 1) Power Switch 2) Group Selection Switch 3) Channel Selector Switch 4) Test Button Turn on the flashstrobe and the Phottix Strato Multi receiver.

Set the flash to Manual mode. It is not unusual for the flash to discharge once after turning on the Phottix Strato Multi. Instruction manual; Phottix Mitros Instruction Manual. Mitros offers builtin compatibility with Please note: the Phottix Odin TTL Trigger system for Canon and the Phottix Strato II Multi If the button is not pressed, the Mitros will use the highlighted selection for Canon.

The Phottix Strato II Multi 5in1 Wireless Trigger System gives photographers incredible control over their flashes and studio lights. Four channels and four groups provide unparallelled control in the studio or on location.

Home Reviews Review: Phottix Strato II Multi Flash Trigger Review: Phottix Strato II Multi Flash Trigger. Posted by Isnt it? Then you need a flash which can be used in MANUAL mode, mount it on the Strato receiver, and it will be triggered. If you really want to use the SB400 offcamera, get a TTL cable. Special Offers, Product Promotions, Buy and Save on Phottix profesional photography products in the US.

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