Sorvall ss 34 rotor manually

Rotor Sorvall Thermo SS34 Suppliescatalogue (Bottles, tubes, adapters, orings, overspeeddisks, extraction tools, spacer, caps, plugs. rotorselection. The hematocrit value is determined using the instructions written in the instruction manual of the hematocrit rotor.

The instructions are based upon the reference method following DIN, allowing to determinate the erythrocyte volume SS34 20, 500 50, 228 714 10. 70 8 50 400 34 General preparative application; B30 protein precipitation. SM24 20, 500 51, 965 434 SS34 Fixed Angle Rotor Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC6 Plus Superspeed Centrifuge.

Recommended for: Multiliter cell culture harvesting or the collection of cellfree growth media containing excreted products such as proteins, hormones and vitamins. Videos. DANGER. NOTE highlights essential information. SORVALL Centrifuges This manual is a guide to the use of the SORVALL RC6 Superspeed Centrifuge Data herein has been verified and is believed adequate for the intended use of the centrifuge. and NOTE within the text of this manual are used to Sorvall SS34 Fixed Angle Rotor.

The Sorvall SS34 fixed angle rotor can hold up to 8place x 50 ml tubes at up to 20, 500 rpm and is for use within Sorvall floor model centrifuges, including the Sorvall RC5, RC5B, RC5B Plus, RC5C, RC5C Plus, and RC26 Plus. This aluminum rotor includes the cover. Sorvall Evolution RC Superspeed Centrifuge Enhance productivity through simplified sample handling.

2 Thermo Scientific Sorvall Evolution RC Superspeed Centrifuge Efficient, highvolume sample processing for enhanced productivity Aluminum Fixed Angle Rotors SS34 8 x 50 20, 500 50, 230 150 Sorvall Instruments SS34 Fixed Angle Centrifuge Rotor 29mm SC See more like this Sorvall Centrifuge Rotor Model SV288, Vertical Rotor Superspeed Rotors Thermo Scientific SS34 rotor SS34 ro Tor SPecifica ionS Type Fixed Angle material Aluminum SorVall rc6 SorVall evolution SorVall rc5 Rotor Extractor Instruction Manual accessories: Description cat.

no. Thermo Scientific SS34 Rotor SS34 ROTOR SPECIFICATIONS Type Fixed Angle Material Aluminum SORVALL RC6 SORVALL Evolution SORVALL RC5 Plus Series RC Series Plus Series SS34 Max.

Speed 20, 000 rpm 20, 500 rpm 20, 000 rpm Rotor Extractor Instruction Manual Accessories: Description Cat. No. The Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC 6 Plus superspeed centrifuge is the perfect choice Rotors for Sorvall RC 6 Plus Centrifuge SS34 8 x 50 20, 000 47, 808 1 50 SA300 6 x 50 22, 000 52, 326 1 50 Find great deals on eBay for sorvall ss34.

Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: Shop by category. Shop by category. Sorvall Fixed Angle Rotor SS34 See more like this. Sorvall SS34 8x50ml Fixed Angle Centrifuge Rotor with Lid. PreOwned. 189. 00. or Best Offer 22. 54 shipping. We appraise laboratory equipment for accounting, disaster, insurance, M& A, bank inventory evaluation, and liquidation.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL SORVALL SUPERSPEED ANGLE ROTORS GSA SE12 GS3 SM24 SA600 SS34 Du Pont Company Instrument Products Biomedical Division Newtown, Connecticut SORVALL' Centrifuges This manual is a guide for use of the See the rotor manual.

Locate the centrifuge on a level surface to avoid rotor imbalance during operation. The centrifuge can be damaged if it is connected to the wrong voltage. Check the voltage before plugging S For the SS34 rotor at 20 000 rpm.