Swix iron t 74 manual

Swix Sport AS operates primarily in Oslo and Lillehammer, Norway. Our products are distributed through subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany, the United States and Japan with sales to other markets handled through distributors.

SKU Features: Ergonomic shape with an indicator light which comes on at the set temperature 14 inch thick heating base plate Includes clip for Swix Fiberlene pro paper wax application method Specs: RedBlack Excellent all purpse waxing iron Swix Waxing iron T74 Sport 110volt (T ): T74 Sport Waxing Iron 110V (T ). Reasonable and reliable waxing iron with temperature control Swix Sport waxing Iron T74 110V: Reasonable and reliable waxing iron with temperature control showing the degrees.

Standard iron plate. Swix" Sport" waxing Iron T73 Performance Waxing Iron, 220V. Product number: T temperature 220 Volt, 500 Watt. The 8 mm thick plate gives a stable temperature. T73 has manual choice of temperature by indication of degrees and is simply done by an adjustmentwheel.

Adjustment range from 100C to 165C. Swix Racing Centers. Environment. Mar 14, 2012  Home Forums General What Wax Iron Works For You? This topic The little black Swix iron simply will not smooth out any wax from CH8 down to CH6. Even set at 140C the little Swix iron will not smooth out CH6 with 3 passes.

I have a Toko iron on order for 74. Hopefully this one will work. What iron works for you?. This venerable waxing iron from Swix features a 6mm thick base plate that measures 130 x 100mm. The tempurature dial is marked in centigrade with special markings for Swix waxes. Includes a removable clip for attaching waxing paper. Cord measures a generous 230cm long and features a twoprong European style plug. 400W 230V. Swix Wax Manual Download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online.

BUY Swix T74 Waxing Iron 400 Watt. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S& H and FREE RETURNS. Swix T73 Ski and Snowboard Waxing Iron (Shop Grade 110 Volt) However, the manual states that the iron is limited to 330F (165C) to help prevent base burnshahaha (sorry, couldn't help it). BASE Swix iron t 74 manual WAXING GUIDE FOR ALPINE, FREERIDE AND SNOWBOARD.

2 3 StEEL EDGE AND BASE tREAtMENt WItH SWIX PRODUCtS In a few simple steps, you can prep your skis or snowboard to gain higher performance from your equipment. These simple steps can help you improve the glide and turning properties of your equip Put the waxing iron This tried and true workhorse wax iron features a 38" thick aluminum base plate to provide longlasting and consistent heat (3 degree C. fluctuation at any particular setting). The ergonomically located manual thermostat allows for 203F to 338F (95C to 170C) operating temperatures.