Antique k&e transit manual

Index of K& E Catalogs Cross Reference Index Index of K& E Collection. K& E Slide Rule Manuals. These manuals are provided for the collector, researcher, and slide rule student interested in K& E Slide Rules K& E User Instruction Manual PDF File K& E 1900 Catalog PDF File esser1900.

pdf K& E 1921 Catalog PDF File 1921 K& E. pdf K& E's Solar Ephemeris is published in a separate booklet. CARE OF INSTRUMENTS tion in our manual. So that's why we call it a Care& Adjustment" manual. It's not meant to replace factory repairs. But it'll help you get the best possible Keuffel& Esser Care& Adjustments Find great deals on eBay for k& e transit. Shop with confidence. K& E Builders Transit in Box 1900 Gurley Manual Catalog 50.

00 Antique surveying instruments, including transits, theodolites, compasses, solar instruments and other forms of vintage surveying instruments hold a special interest for us. Our focus both in buying and selling these interesting scientific artifacts is primarily focused This is just a sample of the many antique K& E transits we have sold. Click link to see other Sales Archive The superb condition and completeness of this wonderful K& E transit w its Saegmuller solar attachment is second to none.

Note all the accessories inside the door are present, including the magnifier, brush, plumb bob, adjusters Find great Antique k&e transit manual on eBay for antique transit. Shop with confidence. 1919 Keuffel& Esser Preliminary Survey Transit Figure 2: The K& E Preliminary Survey Transit from the other side. Gurley Manual of Surveying Instruments (Troy 1941), p. 38. If you have any questions andor remarks please let me know.

Figure 7: The instrument came with an original box.