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The SansAmp PSA1 is designed to provide you with the flexibility to find almost any conceivable tonal personality within the tube amplifier sound spectrum.

QUICK START INSTRUCTIONS Heres how you can get your PSA1 up and running before you read the entire manual. 1. SoftAmp PSA is a virtualanalog guitar preamp supplemented with noise gate and compressor, Really satisfies my need for a Sansamp plugin since I don't use Pro Tools much anymore. Awesome stuff. reply; Anonymous (not verified): 28 Nov 2017 22: 45. Thanks you very much for this. It may be small but Avid's SansAmp PSA1 is a powerhouse of sonic sculpting that can be used not only on guitars and basses but on any source you like.

Here's how it does its magic. During a recent session, I took notice of a particular plugin that I had used quite a bit to achieve a variety of Tech21Bomb Factory: SansAmp PSA1 Plugin SansAmp PSA1 plugin for Pro Tools: 499.

00 at sansamp online store Bomb Factory SansAmp plugin: synthandsound. com" The SansAmpTM PSA1 provides the widest range of amplifier, harmonic generation, cabinet simulation and equalization tone shaping options available. It appears on literally thousands of recordings, used on everything from You've heard SansAmp PSA 1 on thousands of recordings, on everything from drums and bass to vocals and harmonica. Jan 05, 2011 I just drove 3hrs out of London to pick up my Sansamp PSA 1 which I though would blow away my Pod v2.

I got home, plugged it in and. it sounds [bleep! ! ! ! My friend has just recorded with David Bottrell and apparently Dave only uses his PSA 1 or his TDM plugin most guitar parts. Do I want to sell this piece of lard and get a POD XT Pro? SansAmp PSA1 is the brilliant preamp, isn't it?

You can get various drive sound very similar to that from the famous brand like Marshall, Mesa Boogie, etc. You can get various drive sound very similar to that from the famous brand like Marshall, Mesa Boogie, etc. Feb 28, 2014 Signal path; Ibanez RG421 Sansamp PSA1 Peavey Reno 400 1x15 PA amp on flat eq settings with spring reverb Blue Yeti USB mic on cardoid pattern setting 6" fr Mar 16, 2017  This plugin comes bundled with Pro Tools but don't think that because it's free it lacks features, in fact this plugin has been exactly modeled from the original SansAmp PSA1 May 18, 2013 Free SansAmp GT2 VST plugin (and now SansAmp PSA!

) Discussion in 'Backline' started by AXP, Dec 21, 2012. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next The algorithm behind the tube emulation is available as a standalone VST plugin As much as I would like to make a PSA sim myself, I don't have schematics. Same goes for the RBI. Jan 09, 2015 PSA1. 1 is not improved other than adding few not essential functional features, that may or not be of importance for the user.

On the other hand PSA1 was USA components built with no cost cutting in mind, what was the goal of redesign with 1. 1. Sansamp PSA1 is available only in Pro Tools and is both AAX native and AAX DSP. The Sansamp PSA1 is an emulation of the discontinued 1U hardware rackmount Sansamp PSA1. The original unit was best known for it's limitless analog tone shaping abilities coupled with digital programmability.

The unit had 8 very different control knobs such as