Superseal connector manual transmission

TSM0064. INTRODUCTION Foreword This manual has been prepared to provide the customer and maintenance personnel with information and instructions on the maintenance and repair of Dana Spicer products.

The sensor has an integrated AMP superseal 2pin connector. pin number and connection. TSM0064. Transmission highvoltage transmission and distribution.

Our hybrid and electric mobility n Designed for ease of manual harness assembly, engine mounting and under hood environments Applications n WiretoWire Revised AMP SUPERSEAL 1. 5 Series Connectors. AMP SUPERSEAL 1. 5 Series Connectors. AMP SUPERSEAL 1. 5 Series Connectors A: Superseal 1. 0 connectors provide reliability and performance on the engine or transmission, under the hood, for motor controllers, on the chassis, or in the cab.

Superseal 1. 0 connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. Superseal Connectors The Superseal cable connector has been specifically designed to meet the safety and reliability needs required in electrical connections. The Superseal fulfils all the requirements prescribed by various automotive and industrial standards, making it suitable for marine use as well as automotive, agricultural and machinery Superseal Assembly Instructions.

Thank you for your purchase of super seals This manual will help you fit the product you purchased weather it be a one way supper seal or a Thats you ready to go just connect up the 2 super seal connectors. Mid Rotating Electrics Ltd.

Title: superseal info AMP SUPERSEAL 1, 5 SERIES CONNECTORS C2 REVISED M. G. M. G. FEMALE CONNECTORS (Housings assemblies for receptacle contacts, 1 to 6 positions, with Transmission and engine oil at 100C Gasoline at 23C AMP SUPERSEAL IP67 Connectors TE Connectivity AMPs SUPERSEAL 1. 5 series connector family is designed for automotive, agriculture, and industrial machinery TE Connectivity has developed the AMP SUPERSEAL 1. 5 series connector family to meet the increasing requirements for reliability in waterproof applications.

Buy TE Connectivity AMP SUPERSEAL 1. 5, 6mm Pitch, 3 Way, 1 Row Male Connector Housing. Browse our latest pcbconnectorhousings offers. Free S. Superseal Block Connector Female Terminal Female Terminal to suit Male Connector S. Superseal Block Connector Cable Seal S. Superseal Block Connector1 Way Female Manual Sanding& Sharpening (208) Mild Steel Tube, Sheets& Angles (130) Pneumatics, Hydraulics& Power Transmission.

Electric Actuators (104) Hydraulic& Pneumatic Tools (11) Female receptacle crimp contacts for use with SUPERSEAL Series 1. 0 automotive connectors. These crimp contacts are made from copper alloy