Align rce g600 governor manual

Nov 17, 2012 in this video we cover How to program and setup the align gov, in a step by step process also covering radio setup. The align gov works great and i love it. RCE. G600 7 OONCA 700NH 700N 700NG 700NB4 700NZ 700NB1 700NT1 700NB2 700NT2 700NB3 700NT3 DSSI O Digits Servo x 3 690D C. bon Fiber x 1 set 2 In 1 Voltage Regulator Combo GP780 Head Lock Gyro ease R48 T43 Blue Selffurnished T43 Glue width: 1 mm When you see the marks as below, please use glue grease to 6A External BEC w 5.

1V Twoway Stepdown voltage regulator; K A; Download This is the RCEG600 Engine Governor from Align. It features an easy to use, compact design with great speed control performance. Hey all Helping a buddy setup his T700. I fly the RCEG600 on my 2 T700N, but I use a Futaba 12FG. Getting the governor setup for me was a Dec 10, 2012 I have a question regarding the RCEG600 governor. The yellow gain is plugged into the Aux2 channel of my Spektrum 7010 rx.

The governor manual says that RED LED on the Gov means governor is off, and GREEN is ON. I've same RceG600 Align governor on my Raptor 90 3d and for firs 50 flights. It's been fine. In the last periods I started doing some Fieseler and sometimes at the beginning of the descent phase the engine seems to cut as if the governor disengagesafter 2 seconds it seems re engaging with no other problems.

The instruction manual with this governor is not so clear, here are the important tips which are not on the instruction manual by Align: 1.

Connect to the receiver: Connect the 3wire connector to the throttle port on the receiver, the 1wire connector to the governor port(ch7 in Futaba transmitters) 2. my governor was calibrated with the throttle servo no linkage was installed but the governor is set up with a low and high limit so he(or she) know the limit i did the same thing with my gv1 (no linkage installed) Oct 17, 2011 1. Install the governor per the manual.

I'm using a DX7AR7000 and the yellow sign wire is connected to AUX. 2. Set ATV for AUX2 to 3. Set throttle curve to linear 0INH50INH100 4. With the throttle stick on its lowest position, turn ON the radio. Align rce g600 governor manual.

Turn ON receiver and wait for the governor light to turn Green.