Emergency towing procedures manual

An Emergency Towing System (ETS) is a prestaged package of equipment that may be deployed in the event a disabled vessel requires assistance in accessing a place of refuge. A manual that instructs responders on the operations of system as well as procedures for CAN 003 2011 (Rev1) SOLAS Emergency Towing Procedure Manual (ETPM) Background Adopted on the 16th May 2008, MSC 256 (84) provides for amendments to SOLAS (Solas1974, as amended) Chapter II1 Regulation 34.

All ships will be required, as per specific application dates, to The emergency towing procedure manual should include a procedure that the crew must follow in case of an emergency towing. This procedure must be based on vessels existing equipment. Procedure should take in to consideration the maximum allowable forces the SOLAS Reg.

II 1 requires that all ships should be equipped with an Emergency Towing Booklet manual. Scope of this plan is to document how a ship is Emergency towing procedures manual with emergency towing arrangements.

Easy and effective reporting and communication procedure; Already inspected by most MoUs PSC Officers and inspector surveyors; We will Ensure. This manual contains the latest towing procedures for 2017 Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Ford Motor NOTICE: The jack provided with the vehicle is intended to be used in an emergency for changing a deflated tire. To avoid damage to the vehicle, never use the jack to hoist the vehicle for any other 2017 Wrecker Towing Manual ANCO Maritime Activities Ltd Naval Architects Marine Engineers.

ISM. According with MSC256(84) all cargo vessels constructed before 1st January 2010 should have a ship specific emergency towing procedure manual not later than 1 January 2012.

Description of requirement Above requirement is applicable to the following vessel: emergency towing procedures of existing ships. More specifically, an emergency towing procedure shall be implemented on all cargo ships above 500 GT constructed before 1 January use in emergency situations and shall be based on existing arrangements and equipment HGFA Towing Procedures Manual Page 1 of 31 1 Introduction Legal This Manual is approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and specifies Chapter 9 Loss of Tow Wire 56 Emergency towline rigging 57.

4 I Tug and Tows 1 For the purposes of this manual we use the definitions noted in the IMO MSCCirc. 884 odnrtI uconi t. Tug and Tows A Practical Safety and Operational Guide I 9 It is important to understand, in the context of towing, that tugs with different design DNV Towing Recommendations Rolf Hilmar Hansen, Det Norske Veritas, Norway refuge andor area of shelter shall be defined in the towing procedures.

Entrance, geography and size of shelter shall be considered. Weather routing criteria will normally be given as A towing manual shall be prepared and distributed to key