Radio 1 indicator manual

Owners Manual Read the supplied booklet Quick Reference Guide before using the unit. 1Indicators Indicate the status of the unit (p. 8). The indicators will dim 9NET RADIO (13) keys Register and play streaming services such as Internet radio stations via the unit (p.

43). OpeRATiOns RAdiO One R10& R20BT 1. TO LisTEn TO radiO Make sure the rear power switch is set to On. push OnsTAndBy on front panel to put Radio One in On mode. Auto search: push 1 sec on button to start AUTO search. The search is automatically stopped as soon as an FM station is received. The display will change from correct time to wakeup time and the DAY indicators will show you the alarm mode that is currently selected.

Page 11. Wake To Radio 1. Turn the radio On and select the band, station, and volume level that you wish to hear when the alarm comes On, then turn the radio Off again. 2. Pure Chronos CD Series 2 User Manual Radio 1 now playing: gl, 3screen display, Remote control Pure Radio Manuals Directory ManualsDir.

com online owner manuals three days during a power failure, or while the radio is unplugged. Operating without this battery leaves the memory unprotected, but will not harm the radio. Use a standard 9V battery (IEC 6F22 in Europe), available at most retail stores.

Note: The battery does not power the radio or light the display. 1. WR100 Owners Manual Radio 1 indicator manual 2 www. midlandradio. com Quick Start Instructions: Please see pg. 5 for important buttons and controls 1. Place 3 AAA alkaline batteries (not supplied) into the compartment on underside of radio.

Main unit (Dual alarm digital clock radio) Power cable User manual DEVICE FUNCTIONS 1. ONOFF: Press to turn radio on, hold to turn radio off. BAND: With radio on, press to switch between AM and FM. 2. TIME: Set the time. PRESET: Set radio station presets. 3. P: Select preset. 4. P: Select preset. 5. SLEEP: Set radio to turn 1. LED Indicator Light Warning (Red) 2. LED Indicator Light Watch (Orange), The CL100 is equipped with a date and time clock as a clock radio.

To set the time and date: 1. Press the menu button and press TUNE DOWN to scroll down the Select Manual, then Time and Date will be displayed. To set the time of day, select Radio controlled time signal Minute indicator Alarm AMPM indicator There are 3 ways of tuning your radio: A. Manual tuning 1. Press the Power button to turn on your radio. the Alarm sound level control button on the bottom of the radio.

1. Press the Alarm 3 (or Alarm 4) button and Alarm 3 time The radio magnetic indicator (RMI) is one solution to the ADF's shortcomings. The RMI combines three components: a fluxgate, a heading indicator, and a relative bearing indicator. Some RMIs have two needles like the one pictured on this page; others only have one needle.