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appendix b extracts from chapter 13, volume 2 of the south african road traffic signs manual Traffic signs manual chapter 8 (part 3) road works and temporary situations Ref: ISBN PDF, 9. 67MB, 164 pages This file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Chapter 4: Other Information Signs Chapter 5: Regulatory Signs Volume 2: Chapter 6: Warning Signs Chapter 7: Road Markings Chapter 8: Temporary Traffic Measures and Signs for Roadworks Chapter 9: Traffic Signals Chapter 10: Typical Applications for Traffic Signs and Road Markings Chapter 8 is also available as a separately bound Chapter of the Traffic Signs Manual, e.

g. Chapter 3 for regulatory signs or Chapter 4 for warning signs and any reference to a section, unless otherwise stated, is a reference to a section in this chapter of the manual.

Where more detailed background chapter 3 3 traffic signs manual 1. introduction 5 2. legal 9 3. stop and give way signs 11 4. compulsory and prohibited movements 16 5.

prohibition of traffic 30 6. prohibition of waiting and loading 42 7. onstreet parking and loading 54 8. verge or footway parking 70 9. clearway and no stopping signs 76 10. red routes 83 11. pedestrian zones 88 12. Chapter 2 Signs WSDOT Traffic Manual M 5102. 05 Page 23 April 2011 LETTER HEIGHT (N3 2) f Where: N Number of words in the message.

f Legibility factor (see Table 2 traffic signs manual. chapter 4. contents. 1. introduction 4. 2. junctions 10 3. deviation of route 14 4. road narrows 19 5. twoway traffic and dual carriageway roads 22 6.

hills 27 7. bridges and other structures 29 8. traffic signals 41 9. pedestrians 43 10. animals and farm traffic 46 11. water 50 12. road surface 52 13. road humps 54 14. The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) contains the basic principles, guidance and standards that control the use of traffic signs for all streets and highways open to the public.

The MUTCD Traffic and Safety Manual Chapter 2 Signing Originally Issued: provided in Chapter 2. Warning signs should normally be positioned in the lefthand verge. However, on roads with restricted visibility, or for greater emphasis, it may be Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 5 Regulatory Signs Contents Page traffic regulatory signs. There must be strict compliance with the form and content of these signs. Details are given on the website of the commencement date for the provision of each regulatory sign and this information should be