Tip top z3000 mkii manuals

Aug 07, 2012 Tiptop Z3000 Smart VCO MKII by JUNCTIONMUSIC. Tiptop Z3000 Smart VCO MKII by JUNCTIONMUSIC. Tip Top Audio Drum Module Using the Original 808 Drum Circuits and Polyphonic VCO The Z3000 MKIIs Musical Note Mode is a mix of frequency and musical notes. This mode is ideal for musicians and sound designers who want to more easily enjoy the benefits of using analog modular synthesizers. Frequency Mode. Frequency Mode is the Z3000s first mode and is the mode that the module starts in when powered.

It works by counting the Smart Voltage Controlled Oscillator The Z3000 is an allanalog, voltagecontrolled bilingual oscillator, equally fluent in the language of sound (frequency) and music (notes). It's intelligence comes from it's builtin arithmetic processor, which allows tiptop audio z3000 mk2 smart vco. the z3000's builtin waveshaper allows you to manipulate the sine and triangle waveforms without any additional processing module.

any control signal from your modular can be used to manipulate these two raw waveforms even at audio rate! download the manual here. Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO MKII Eurorack Module Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator Tiptop Audio Z3000 MKII. Tiptop Audios Z3000 is an allanalog VCO with a builtin arithmetic processor that consistently displays relevant data and makes tuning ones modular synth a synch. An oscillator for the control freaks among us, the Tiptop Z3000 MKII is a fully analogue VCO with additional features for precise sound design and multiple synthesis approaches.

The arithmetic processor built into the Z3000 MKII provides visual feedback to the user via the four segment LCD. Top z3000 mk2 Oscillator Not a fan of the Tip Top Z3000 aux out, which is the way listed in the manual, or via a combination MIDIgate sequencer like.

Tiptop Audio is proud to sponsor the first of a regular top new controversial old random q& a live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! I'll have to check the manual for calibration stuff. edit Just checked the manual, and there's no mention of calibration at all. I don't have a z3000 it seems to me like a calibration is needed, but just make sure you check your waveforms