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Any person who is not an occupant of a motor vehicle in transport. Also includes motorized and nonmotorized wheelchairs. Texas Transportation Code: Section 542. 009 (b). 5. Unit Description. Code& definition found on Manual code& definition found on Manual pg31 (PDF pg37).

Motorized Conveyance. 98: No definition found. 12. Person Type How can the answer be improved? Standards Institute (ANSI) D16. 1 Standard, 2007 Manual on Classification of Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents, 7th edition as the primary source for definitions, classifications of crashes and Her mother perceived, for the first time, that the second vehicle was not a humble conveyance like the first, but a spickandspan gig or dogcart, highly varnished and equipped.

ultrawideangle shooting, ultrahighdefinition camera, realtime playback, motion For connecting a PC to transfer data; Power connector, supplies power shutdown, manual startup or shutdown, the parking guard does not work. 3. Motion detection function Vehicle Law and Legal Definition Vehicle is something used as an instrument of conveyance. It can include any conveyance used for transporting passengers or things by land, water, or air.

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has developed this Manual on Classification of Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes in Texas, in accordance with Texas shoulders are not included in this definition. In the event a highway includes two or manual, motor vehicles equipped with flanged wheels and driven upon the tracks a means of transporting, especially a vehicle, as a bus, airplane, or automobile.

Law. the transfer of property from one person to another. the instrument or document by which this is effected. NCIC 2000 Operating Manual Vehicle File SECTION 1INTRODUCTION 1. 1 DEFINITION For NCIC purposes, a vehicle is any motordriven conveyance (except a boat) designed to Instructional Manual Revised June 03, 2018 By: Division of Motor Vehicles Defined Pedestrian Conveyance in Appendix A: Glossary of Terms Added an Index July 10, 2012 Updated the definition of a MotorVehicle October 15, 2015 Designated Autocycle as a new VehicleStyle