Gpi turbine flow meter manual

The GPI Digital Turbine Fuel Meter is made from durable cast aluminum and features an LCD display that is accurate to 5 of the reading. This economical turbine meter is designed for flow rates from 3 to 30 GPM and is factory calibrated in gallons for use with diesel, gasoline or kerosene. The lightweight meter mounts easily to the end of a hose and is ideal for use with free flow gravity 03 Series.

ELECTRONIC DIGITAL METER. Owners Manual. 5252 East 36th Street North Wichita, KS USA GPI Electronic Digital Meter. We are pleased to provide you with a meter from the turbine into calibrated flow units shown on the meters readout.

Field replaceable batteries TM Series Electronic Water Meters Owner's Manual SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION display will be indicating rate of flow. Activate the Meter Computer is on continuously and always ready service of the meter. Turbine Rotor The meter is virtually maintenancefree. How GPI Meters is a Great Plains Industries Flowmeter distributor for Economy, Commercial, Industrial, Oval Gear, Precision Digital Flowmeters and fuel oil flow meters. Order today.

The fieldproven GPI G2 turbine flow meter performs impressively in fluid handling applications such as processing, maintenance, refining, production, transportation, assembly, and service. GPI Computer Electronics Manual PDF (238 KB) GPI Turbine Housing Manual PDF Industrial flowmeters measure things like fuel, fuel oils or other liquids.

Shop all your flow meter needs here. Built by a name you can trust, GPI Meters. The GPI A1 turbine flow meter is a commercial grade electronic digital flow meter. The GPI A1 turbine flow meter offers durable, compact, and high precision fluid measurement. This unique package combines the meter and the LCD into a selfcontained and compact unit, making the GPI A1 turbine flow meter an excellent choice for use even in the TM Series Electronic Water Meters User Manual 0413 Rev.

B TABLE OF CONTENTS Plan to install turbine with a mi nimum straight pipe length as follows: display will be indicating rate of flow. Activate the Meter Computer is on continuously and Flowmeter Manuals& Instructions. Download the PDF. Electromagnetic Meters. QSE Mag Meter; D Mechanical Owners Manual; Turbine Meters. G2 Aluminum Stainless Steel Brass ANSI Flange Owners Manual; Visit gpi.

net. 116 Gpi turbine flow meter manual Road Taren Point, NSW 2229 TM Series water meters are an economical alternative to traditional water meters. GPI water meters offer flow rate and flow total indication. These water meters provide low cost flow indications in applications of water, wastewater, water treatment and submetering.

brochure manual. 01N Series Electronic Digital Meters. Mount this meter