Assimilate scratch manual arts

SCRATCH is the fullyfeatured dailies and archiving toolset used by professionals for colorgrading lookmanagement, QC, metadatamanagement and audiosync to provide the deliverables for all cinematic dailies. ASSIMILATE Software SCRATCH realtime postproduction tools and workflow continue to revolutionize the digital cinema industry with the latest advances and features to boost your creativity and accelerate your productivity.

DOWNLOADS you are about to be assimilated resistance is futile! ; ) (click this link if the download of SCRATCH Play for Windows does not start in few seconds)SCRATCH Play for Windows does not start in few seconds) When speed matters and creativity is paramount.

SCRATCH sets the standard for powerful, realtime, costeffective tools for onset dailies and post production. Find out how the new features in Assimilate SCRATCH v9 can help first time users and highly experienced colorists and DITs do more in this powerful post production tool.

Plus hear from a professional colorist about what makes SCRATCH so great! Manual audio sync through waveform markers; Set defaults for the automatic creation of clip Did you know that you can set your scopes to measure after the display transform?

Offered Only in ASSIMILATE SCRATCH increased audio capability for dailies with manual audio sync functionality. Simply set a clap marker on the waveform and then sync it to the clap frame to slip audio.