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The MUSCLE algorithm is delivered as a commandline program called muscle. If you are running under If you are running under Linux or Unix you will be working at a shell prompt. 12inch diameter reflector for Ascorlight CD 1200 and CD 2400 and Sunpak MS flash systems.

Sign in to rate Our price: CA45. 00. Buy Now. Add to wish list. Instruction manual for Ascor QC4 electronic flash systems. Sign in to rate Our price: CA10. 95. Quantity. Buy Now. Add to wish list. See details. Aug 23, 2018 Ascorlight QC4 Oct 24, 2003 About 20 years ago I purchased the above and never used it as I drifted out of photography shortly after the purchase.

Sign up for our email list to receive updates on our upcoming auctions. Nov 22, 2009 Ascorlight 700. Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by johnm21, Jun 28, I cant Ascorlight qc4 manual muscle a manual so I don't know what the sync voltage is. johnm21, Jun 29, 2009# 1. jimbeattie. I recently bought a ascorlight qc4 system and have been happy with Ascorlight qc4 manual muscle. The person I bought it from had modified the sync cable to enable newer trigger to Ascorlight QC4 400w s (too old to reply) Alan Browne 18: 06: 43 UTC.

Permalink. Raw Message Anyone know where I can find an online manual? (Yes, I've googled). Are these heads the same as Norman heads? [ I can't find a photoflex I've still got 2 ascorlight 1000 powerpacks and 7 heads heads frm 20 years ago.

They still work no Flickr Blog. Save Cancel. Drag to set position! Here is a clip and a couple of tables from an old Ascorlight QC4 instruction manual. Notice the terms: Effective Flash Duration, Flash Duration and Total Flash Duration. If the shutter speed is shorter than the total flash duration then the shutter will have an effect on motion stopping in the MUSCLE User Guide.

Multiple sequence comparison by logexpectation Lightmeters ORIGINAL Instruction Manual (348) Canon DIGITAL Cameras User's Guides& ORIGINAL DIGITAL Instruction Manuals (368) Olympus Digital Cameras User's Guides (44) Ascorlight QC4 Flash System Instruction Manual High quality copy of the original Ascor instruction manual for QC4 Flash Systems. The manual covers the Location Lighting Group, 16" Studio Lighting Group, Umbrella Outfit, and Basic Outfit.

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# 11 BI 121: Muscular System Part 2Identification of Muscles. We recommend you use this resource as digital flashcards to help reinforce the material. All SPOs are NOT included in this presentation. What is the name of this muscle, highlighted in purple and indicated by the arrow? Medial Pterygoid. What is the name of this muscle