Spore 5.1 patch manual install

The installed version is 1. 0 and I can't find any way to patch it Tried updating it manually from some site saying it was the 5. 1 patch but now the game won't start. manually download bc I I have the game disc and a dvd with the making of spore.

How to I get the EP? Sorry I am a bit confused haha: Message 5 of 6 (373 Views) Reply. 0 Selection of software according to" Spore 5. 1 manual install patch" topic.

Help can't install patch it says i don't have spore which listed patch for Spore and G. A. but when I tried to install the patch it said I didn't have spore which on steam I have 64 hours on Spore G. A. and 23 minutes on Spore (because who likes just normal spore) also a recomended thing Dr. Pepper bot parts said the same when i Dec 01, 2008 Google 'spore patch 1.

01 download' and grab the patches from fileplanet, which should be the first link. Once its done, just double click it and let it install. It may seem like it's frozen and nothing is happening, but just give it time. Spore Patch 5. 1 (v ) file. the game along with creepy cute and galatic adventures and dr pepper robot parts and every thing was fine then I install this and my game crashes when I use the creator now so I cant do anything very angry that im gonna have to uninstall everytjhing to geet rid of the patch May 08, 2010 My EADM cant connect to" core" So I want a manual download of patch 5.

1 Note: Im using a windows computer I DONT have GA could somone pls give me a link for the patch pls? Jul 17, 2010 I am using Windows 7 64bit and I have been trying to install patches for a pucker, paid for version of SPORE TM albeit two years old now. To cut a long story Spore Patch 5. 1. Patch 5. 1 is now available on Steam.

If you didn't install the EADM when you installed Spore, you can download it here. This patch is available for both PC and Mac. Mac players who experience a crash on startup may need to manually install this patch by following the steps here.