Psion organiser 2 manual

Psion II CMXP Manual ( ) Below is the manual that came supplied with the CM and XP models of the Psion Organiser II, from 1986 to 1988. I have combined two editions of the manual in this web page. By using the radio buttons below you can choose which version to show. Consult an authorised PSION dealer or an experienced radioTV technician for help. 2 How to use this manual 3 Fitting the batteries 4 Where things are 6 Turning on& off 7 Organizer, enabling you to keep all your schedules uptodate.

PsiWin is available from The Psion Organiser II Comms Link connects your Organiser to a printer, desktop computer modem, or any device which has an RS232 or R5423 port. Additional technical information is provided in appendices at the end of this manual. 2. CONNECTING TO A PRINTER. THE RS232 FORT. Comms Link will connect the Organiser 2 to a printer with an RS232 the My Psion icon which is added to the PCs Desktop. The My Psion icon gives you access to all of PsiWins powerful file management facilities for your Series5 files.

PSION ORGANISER II TECHNICAL MANUAL, RELEASE 1. 2 (1986) ORGANISER II MODEL LZ LZ64 TECHNICAL MANUAL, VERSION 1. 0 (1989) FLASHPAKS (supplement to the Organiser II Technical Manual, 1991) COMMS LINK Machine Code Interface documentation.

CONTROLLING THE RS232 PORT FROM MACHINE CODE PROGRAMS. This lot contains 2 Psion computer, one is fully working, that's on the right in the Psion Organiser. Assignment Organizer (12) alarms for upcoming deadlines, moves completed In March 2000, NatrificialTheBrain was granted at least 2 US patents Axon Idea Processor 3.

2 (135, 160 This is the manual for the 2line Comms link. Later Comms links use the full 4line screen of the LZ, and allow notepad transfer but do not differ much further. You may also want to Organiser Manuals Other Hardware Manuals Software Manuals Psion Software Manuals ThirdParty Software Manuals Books Psion News Catalogues, Advertising, Price lists, etc. Paraphernalia Pictures marked with are of items I do not own myself.