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thus may need to exit Proloquo2Go and go to the Settings application (this is explained in the next section of the manual). For privacy it can sometimes be useful to clear the recent Proloquo2Go was designed from the ground up for use on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, providing an easy to use, portable and affordable communication solution for people with difculty speaking.

skills, Proloquo2Go is a solution that can grow with the user. Proloquo2Go also provides a typing view with word prediction for users with literacy skills. Alternative access methods such as scanning and Select on Release make Proloquo2Go an AAC solution for a www. orin. com To use Proloquo2Go's Switch Access, go to Options (gear button) Access Method.

Toggle Scanning to ONgreen, then set up the desired settings in Configuration. You can find detailed information about Proloquo2go to go manual scanning in the Access Method Switch Access section of the Proloquo2Go manual. For thorough Proloquo2Go instructions, we offer a comprehensive User Manual(PDF) and a collection of helpful Support Documents. FAQs Because every question has an answer, we provide an expanding library of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Proloquo2Go with concise answers.

Proloquo2Go Cheatsheet 1. For a reminder of what each editing icon means: Click the pencil at the bottom of the screen Click the little green circled? in the bottom right hand corner This will label all of the icons you can use in edit mode Vocabulary: Proloquo2go has a large customizable vocabulary system that is folder based.

Theres vocabulary set up on the main page that are core words, with fringe folders to go to in order to add more specific vocabulary to your sentence. Proloquo2Go puts the users development first, with innovative features based on clinical knowledge and user research. Its also one of the few AAC apps designed to Proloquo2Go is very easy to use.

This article introduces basic navigation as well as the different communication views. Proloquo2Go is pronounced: " Pro" as in professional, lo as in low to the ground, quo as in quotation, the number 2 and Go as in on the go.

Proloquo2Go. Proloquo is Once you own a copy of Proloquo2Go, you are able to follow the inApp purchase procedure to download the Gateway User Vocabularies. Purchasing the Gateway augmentative communication App for Proloqu2Go is a onetime purchase and you are entitled to all If you are new to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) or just new to Proloquo2Go, you are likely feeling anxious and slightly overwhelmed.

Here are some useful tips to help you get started! Read more. AAC article Activityspecific vs using balanced vocabulary.