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Sorry if I jumped the gun, Pitlab, but thought it looks like a great system, can't wait to try it out. As you stated, the main product is the OSD, the Autopilot is an addon and a great way of doing safer FPV flights with minimum worry. Jun 21, 2017  New Product New version 2. 50 official release of Pitlab& Zbig FPV System FPV All flight was absolutely without manual control of airplane. Am I still a Pilot? Or should I look for another, more exciting hobby?

I don't know if it matters to you or not but have you considered giving the OSD AP a dedicated name? Pitlab fpv osd Created: 29 March 2012 Written by Pitlab The OSD ( On Screen Display ) is an instrument that provides the pilot with visual information helping him to conduct a safe and conscious FPV ( First Person View ) flight. Zustzliche Tips und Informationen zur unseren OSD und SkyAssistant finden Sie in dem pprc Forum New FPV System: PitLab OSDAutopilotground station with telemetry, tracking antenna RC Groups OSD Users manual Open system UART communication port with OSD API for easy integration with thirdparty devices.

Autopilot OSD is designed to work with a dedicated autopilot (dedicated communication port), and includes builtin menu options, making it a uniform system of navigation. OSD stands for" On Screen Display" and is used for flying FVP (First View Person). Developing this new OSD system by PitLab, well known by their superb vario" SkyAssistant"took about four years. After many tests and modifications, the OSD is finally ready for use. With our PitLab OSD, you can fly May 01, 2018 I had brown pants when thrown the plane in manual mode: ) Reptile s1100 Pitlab OSD SunnySky x2814 900kv APC 9x6 4s2p Sony VTC6 6000mah Products.

Minimum FPV set. devices foms simplest but powerfull FPV set allowing onscreen presentation of navigation data necessary for manual flight, as well as control of battery state. FPV System for autonomous flight.

FPV BETA TEST versions 2. 5x of Pitlab FPV System: OSD, Autopilot, GroundStation and Tracking antenna. Search Ardupilot Flight Controller with onchip OSD. Blog. skyscraper (skyscraper) 1: 04 Manual launch 1: 37 Switch to RTL to circle home and verify RTL is working.

Ardupilot needs this. I had the pleasure of putting together a Pitlab system. Cant beat hardware designed for the task at hand.

Will this be running of an Ardupilot fork long term