P13 ecu auto to manual harness

Honda's part number for ECU, which is always; Three characters (which are loosely related to the model of carengine). e. g P72; Three characters (which are the revision of the ECU) e. g. A01 or G52; The middle three characters are the most useful to identify what the ECU is. Mar 12, 2017 P28 single cam vtec auto to manual transmission conversion Used 1996 Honda Prelude VTEC P13A12 manual transmission engine computer.

This engine computer is being sold guranteed to work as it should. Ek Civic Auto To Manual Wiring 9900 Civic EK KSeries Swap Conversion Wiring Harness V 4. 0 Installation Applicable chassis wiring manual (for trouble shooting) Voltmeter (for trouble Any K24 harness (any year, 5spd or Feb 19, 2008 Since I have a jdm h22 motor with a jdm p13 ecu it seems like I would have to have the jdm distributor with the internal coil.

This would probably solve my problem with why my car wont run properly with the usdm h23 distributor on this setup. Sep 29, 2005 ive got a p13 ecu, however its for a manualdont know how hardeven if u can switch it to an auto Click to expand I'm sure it can be done, but it's a lot easier to convert from auto to manual than the other way.

I have my F20b engine, Skunk 2 intake manifold, IACV, power steering bracketPump, P13 ecu, Obd 21 harness. Im using my stock accord tranny. I P13 ecu auto to manual harness to wire up a vtec line since my car is a 97 lx and no clue how to do that. Aug 09, 2011  Anyways, you need a p13 ECU from a Prelude VTEC. If you are feeling that your wallet is a bit too thick lately, you can also choose to buy a p72 or p28 ecu from an Integra Type R 96 00 Civic Auto To Manual Swap Wiring ecu civic civic 96 00 manual 8th gen civic manual 91 95 civic manual 95 civic ex due soon b1 civic manual civic fd 03 civic owners manual 91 civic wiring harness civic manual pdf 05 honda civic service 96 civic auto to manual 03 civic repair manual do honda civic 98 98 civic repair guide pdf 98 civic manual swap.

Feb 25, 2011 The wiring harness I used came from a 1994 xj with aw4. I have been running that ECM with an ax15 behind my engine. The only difference between an auto and manual ECM is the advance curve. The auto uses a more aggressive curve due to the parasitic loss in an auto.

(as mentioned, ) and the auto ECU often includes either the auto TCU, or Aug 16, 2009 need a wiring diagram for a h22a engine with obd1 harness and p13 ecu pinouts if someone has it pm me pls!

heres my accord lxi 96 f22b to h22a engine conversion. accord 96 with obd1 wiring harness f22b to h22a engine conversion. p13 ecu need to add wires like vtec solenoid etc. Feb 27, 2013 You are correct that the N51 is the AUTO variety of the P13 so in theory should work, the guide I posted above will convert the manual P13 to AUTO form just incase there is a fault with your AUTO P13 but before that since you have the AUTO ECU already I have to ask.

Nov 21, 2003 P13 Prelude H2223 ECU pinout. Anyone have any wiring diagrams of the ECU pinout or a service manual that could scan a couple of pages with the wire colors, pin numbers, and any information as to what each wire goes to? Would save me hours. Having to adapt VTEC into a nonvtec H23 prelude harness on a JDM P13 VTEC ECU.

Apr 03, 2013 The ECU you want will have a part# of either P, P, P13N50, P13N51, or P13J50. The TCU you want is part# P. You would need to make your own OBD2a to OBD1 conversion harness.

Acura Integra GS, RS, LS, b18a, b18b. 1 HondaAcura OBD2A or B to OBD1 Conversion Harness. 1 Chipped OBD1 VTEC ECU with Custom Tune.

Acura Integra GSR, b18c1, b18c.