Drager hand pump manual

This manual pump is used for spot measurements such as the detection of concentration peaks, confined space entry, worstcase scenarios etc. Functional bellows pump The DrgerTube pump accuro draws in 100 ml per stroke. The Draeger Accuro Manual Tube Pump is a bellowsstyle hand pump used for making quick spot measurements and process checks for gas using Draeger colormetric detector tubes in a wide variety of industrial workplaces.

Draeger Accuro Drager hand pump manual Pump Part#. Used for the manual cycling of the Draeger Tube. Draeger Tubes used in todays workplace provide quantitative results with a high degree of accuracy, repeatability and selectivity.

Oct 11, 2010 http: galsonlabs. com This bellows pump combines timeproven bellows design with a scissors mechanism to ensure uniform pump strokes and onehand operation. This Pump is Critical for Accurate Measurement. When you deploy the Draeger Tube System, for portable gas detection, your Draeger Accuro Pump must be in spec and working correctly.

The pump is as critical to accurate measurement as the Draeger Tube. Remember that the Draeger Accuro Pump draws a calibrated, repeatable 100 ml sample of air through the tube using the manual internal bellows pump.

Drger Accuro 2000 Operation Manual. 4 accuro C accuro 0 0 A 1 2 B. eps. 5 I G 2 2 1 H 1 2 1 2 J K E F D 1 2 00 2 1 accuro. eps. 8 For Your Safety Strictly follow the Instructions for Use Any use of the apparatus requires a full understanding Flush pump with a few pump strokes in clean air. Jul 13, 2016  Drager Accuro Gas Detection Pump Top 5 Things You Need to Know How to use Draeger detector tubes w the Drager Accuro pump Duration: Draeger Accuro Colorimetric Manual Tube Pump The Draeger Accuro Manual Pump works with Draeger Tubes for a reliable and convenient testing method for spot measurements such as the detection of concentration peaks, confined space entry, and worstcase scenarios.

Easy to operate with just one hand, the Accuro bellowsstyle pump lets you accurately sample the air without the