Ventus 2bx flight manual supplements

Ventus 2bx information from the SchemppHirth website More than just a" touchup" ! The Ventus2a in the FAI15m Class is difficult to top. No sailplane in this class has won so many World and European Championships. Improving the uncompromised aerodynamic design of the Ventus2a fuselage was a challenge for our designteam.

The lower drag of Ventus 2bx, the best of the 15meter class. The Ventus 2bx features a redesigned, more modern and lower drag fuselage along with a thinner tail for improved high speed performance over the early Ventus The CMPro Ventus features an airbrake which is deliberately designed to control speed efficiently.

It increases overall control of the plane and makes flying a lot of fun! Extremely realistic wing tips with a large degree of dihedral for steady approaches. Ventus 2cxa the 18m racing machine With this sailplane, we are introducing our atype fuselage into the 18m class. This agile and spirited 18m racing machine is designed as the answer to the needs and wishes of the competition pilot seeking ultimate performance.

European Aviation Safety Agency EASA TYPECERTIFICATE DATA SHEET EASA. A. 274 Ventus a Cloud flying according to the specifications in the Flight Manual 1. Flight Manual for the sailplane Ventus a, issued September 1980, LBA approved. Mar 18, 2007  umarkus wrote: Replacement ASIs with Grokinsky style flap rings for the Ventus 2bx They look gorgeous!

but I think you took the wrong background image. Your metric ventus gauge has a redline of 270 KmH where it should be 250! VENTUS 2B (east coast) FOR SALE Apologies to all who responded to my post late last year, but the directory I stored your information corrupted.

My Ventus 2B (N840C) will be available after the 15M Nationals are complete. Flight Manual Ventus B VH: GGH Note: The manual given is for a Ventus A.

Because of the minimal differences between the types the manual is still a relevant document. The tail ballast tank, forward battery compartment, winglets in 15m configuration and The Flight Manual for this sailplane has been prepared to provide pilots and instructors with information for the safe and efficient operation of the Duo Discus.

Nov 04, 2009 First flight of my Cmpro Ventus 2bx, motorized with a Turnigy 3548 B900 and 3s 3000mah Lipo. The Ventus2bx fuselage can optionally be fitted with a total sailplane rescue system if required. Due to its light weight of only 55 kg (121 lb), rigging the wing is an easy task for two people. Flaperons, double panel airbrakes and water ballast actuation (maximum tank capacity approximately 200 liters) are automatically connected, as is the The SchemppHirth Ventus2 is a sailplane produced by SchemppHirth since 1994.

It replaced the highly successful SchemppHirth Ventus. Design and development. The Ventus2a and 2b are 15 metre sailplanes.

The 'a' version has a narrow fuselage and the wider fuselage version is called the 2b. Sep 07, 2009 Towing my new CMP Ventus 2bx. Crash landing at the end.