Zaxcom erx manual arts

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User Forums All Discussions Latest Activity News and Announcements Product Support Newsletter and Product Updates Product Registration Repair and Upgrade Information Repairs Submission Form Software& Manuals Video Guides General Questions Email Us Zaxcom, Inc. Page 9 Zaxcom ERX3TCD Extended Menu Manual Time Code Set TC TIME ENTRY: H 00 M00 JAM If an ERX is not receiving time code from a ZaxNet time code source the time code generator in the ERX can manually be set from this menu. Recorde Guide.

Uploaded by Reena Phillips. Related Interests. to Compact Flash cards. manual and auto record levels. Its carried overtheshoulder and is a popular choice among radio producers. and added extra features like a virtual third head. With Zaxcoms technologies. The rst part ERX systems to provide unique functionality Zaxcom Digital Wireless is protected under patent# s: 7, 711, 443& 7, 929, 902 37 Zaxcom Warranty Policy and Limitations Zaxcom Inc.

values your business and always attempts to provide you with the very best service. The ERX3TCD features an OLED display, locking headphone connector a practically unbreakable rubber volume knob. It receives high quality encrypted digital audio and timecode from any ZaxNet source.