Mediawiki manual user rights in linux

Jul 03, 2018 To create new user groups or change the rights that are assigned to a group, it is necessary to change the wiki's configuration, which can only be done by server administrators. Contact your site's server administrator for more information, or visit Manual: User rights Manual: User rights. The simplest way to do this on a UnixLinux system is to make it worldwritable by typing: chmod R aw mwconfig in the directory you intend to install MediaWiki in.

To do this you will need a telnet client like PuTTY on your system. I have image files being uploaded with mediawiki, and they are setting the owner as wwwdata. Viewing the files results in 403 forbidden. (all other site files owned by SITEUSER). The SITEUSER a Jan 07, 2013  Group and user permissions on mediawiki I am working on setup a wiki which should have users and group having read or write permission.

Before that we This help page gives an overview to the user rights and user groups provided by Semantic MediaWiki together with the features connected with them. Summary. This table summarizes the strings one can use for the configuration in the" LocalSettings. php" file of a wiki. How to manage users, user groups and permissions in MediaWiki. Each visitor on the frontend of your MediaWiki site is considered a user. There are two main types of users: unregistered users (or visitors) and registered user.

This determines what the users are allowed to do on the site. A registered user can belong to one or more user groups.

Purpose. This article gives the steps to install and configure Linux instance with Mediawiki running on Nginx and PHPFPM 7. 0. The example is based on Amazon Linux setup, but I'm sure would be little difference with Ubuntu etc.

For completeness, " nonshared" means the" single user" use case from the cited What permissions should my website filesfolders have on a Linux webserver? The VM is dedicated to us, and there's a single Apache, MediaWiki and MySQL user (MediaWiki appears to piggyback on Apache, so there are only Apache and MySQL users). Note that the user group sysop is not a custom group it's the standard user group for MediaWiki admins, and it is listed as" administrator" in Special: UserRights (assuming that your wiki is in English, and that you haven't customized the label by editing the page Jan 08, 2013  Group and user permissions on mediawiki I am working on setup a wiki which should have users and group having read or write permission.

Before that we Manual: FAQid. This page is a translated version of the page Manual: Many Linux distributions provide MediaWiki in a packaged format for that distribution.

The MediaWiki development team refers you to your Linux distribution for assistance with installing, configuring or using them. See Manual: User rights for general information. See We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Sep 01, 2018  See Help: User rights and groups. Access to this interface is itself governed by the userrights right, so only users in the Bureaucrats group can do it (in a default setup).

See Manual: Setting user groups in MediaWiki for information about managing and the