Saga 1 l10 manual

SAGA1L Series 1 PREFACE This installation& operation manual is intended as an instruction manual for trained person who is in charge Saga Radio Remote Controls Protean TM L Series K Series.

2 Visit www. conductix. us for the most current information. Contents Radio Remote Controls 3 L10 and L12 Series The L10 Series is a 2speed transmitter with 8 buttons for control of 34 motions. The L12 is also 2speed, but has 12 SAGA 1L10L12 Users Manual Table Of Contents Chapter 1 Warranty 11 Warranty 12 Warranty Period 13 Excluded Items 14 Remarks Chapter 2 Operating Precautions III PC Software Installation and Operation Guide IV Additional Applications.

SAGA1L Series 2 Chapter 1 Warranty SAGA1L Series 1 SAGA1L10L12 Users Guide Contents Warranty Emergency Procedures General Operation Receiver Voltage Selection IDCode Remote Setting Radio Control Manual Series L10. 2 10 SERIES RADIO CONTRO MANA PN. 1. 5 The technical data and images which appear in this manual are for informational purposes only. NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR Manufacturer of SAGA Radio Remote Control For Crane And Heavy Loads Movement SAGA L10 Series Radio Remote Control, SAGA L4L6L8 Series Remote Control, K2 Radio Remote Controls and SAGA L12 Series Radio Remote Controls offered by SWA Systems (India) Pvt.

Ltd.Bengaluru, Karnataka Aug 20, 2015 In this series of video the procedure for match frequency and ID Code of new transmitter to the existing unit is shown. 1. Diesel Medic Workshop Manual 2. Diesel Medic Workshop Manual 3. Diesel Medic Workshop Manual The L10 Series Radio Remote Control This hand held type of radio system can be utilized in a wide range of applications such as overhead cranes and various heavy loading equipment.

This model also features programmable operation. SAGA1L101: 8 singlestep push buttons (Up, Down, East, West, North, South and 1& 2 buttons) Rotary Search among more than user manuals and view them online in. pdf INSTALLATION& OPERATION MANUAL SAGA1L Series SAGA 1L10L12 Users Manual Table Of Contents Ch Radiocontrol SAGA1L SERIES. SAGA1L10 8 pulsadores doble efecto llave giratoria de StartAuxiliar golpe de puo de paro emergencia (EMS) SAGA1L Series 3 Chapter 2 Operating Precautions 2 1 Attention 1.

Read this manual carefully before operating and installing SAGA1L10L12.