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www. veear. eu User Manual (3. 3) EasyVR 5 Technical specifications Physical dimensions and pin assignment Connector Number Name Type Description Feb 02, 2016  How to use the EasyVR 3 Shield and Arduino Uno to turn LED lights on and off using voice commands. Also included EasyVR 3& EasyVR Shield 3. EasyVR 3 User Manual (Updated Apr 2018) NEW! EasyVR Commander v (Updated Apr 2018) NEW!

EasyVR Protocol Header (Latest Version) EasyVR Arduino Library v (Updated Apr 2017) EasyVR Arduino Library All versions (on GitHub) Nov 06, 2016  EasyVR Arduino Shield Voice recognition Arduino Shield Non of them work as they should because of one problem. Every time i EasyVR Shield 3 Features Compatible with Arduino boards that have the 1.

0 Shield interface (UNO R3) and legacy boards including. 5mm audio output jack suitable for headphones or as a line out EasyVR Shield 3 fully assembled 18 EasyVR 3 User Manual 4 EasyVR 2. 0 User Manual ( ) Document History Information Revision Date Description Added warning for using the Shield on non5V systems Added Arduino Mega and Arduino Leonardo Minor corrections and footnotes updated Arduino library for the EasyVR Shield and EasyVR module May 01, 2015 In addition to the EasyVR 3.

0 features like 28 userdefined Speaker Dependent (SD) triggers and 28 custom speaker independent (SI) commands, the shield has additional connectors for the microphone EasyVR User Manual 3. 3 Download as PDF File (.

pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. EasyVR User www. veear. eu User Manual ( ) EasyVR 2. 0 5 EasyVR Module Product Description EasyVR 2. 0 is a multipurpose speech recognition module designed to easily add versatile, robust and cost effective