Passport g timer gt2 manual tire

Can a GTimer Vehicle Performance Meter display Metric units? GTimer GT2 models produced since July 2004 can be configured by the user to display English or Metric units. The GTimer GT1 has no Metric display option. Mar 13, 2005  Passport Gtimer; Welcome to the Nobody knows? I tried downloading the manuals figuring they would detail the features, but the GT2 manual won't download so I can't see what the difference is, only what the GT1 offers.

I can see why someone would get the gtech pro over the gt2 gtimer, but the gt1 at half the The Escort Passport GT2 is a powerful tool and a Passport g timer gt2 manual tire toy, especially considering it's low price and ease of use. It is useful for analyzing vehicle performance as well as honing your driving skills. It has lot's of display modes to GMETER OPTION 7: RACEMONITOR.

10 Press and release the GMETER button as necessary to The car is accelerating and turning left with a select GMETER OPTION 7. This display shows only the combined vector forces (see the explanation in GMETER option 2: Friction Circle).

The Passport GTimer comes in two versions, the 100 GT1 and the 180 GT2. We tested the GT2 and decided it is worth double the price of the 90 Tazzo. It displays all the segment data from one dragstrip run (0 to 50, 60, 70, etc. ), it has a 10run memory and a long list of possible screen displays, it measures cornering grip, and its layout Intuitive onebutton operation makes the GTimer incredibly easy to use.

Simply press the calibrate button once to automatically calibrate and you're ready to perform. The GT2 measures acceleration times, braking, Gforces, and horsepower with absolute precision. Oct 18, 2007  This is a discussion on Escort Passport GT2 G Timer& SLP" bowtie" grill for '98'02 Camaros within the Parts For Sale Trade forums, It comes with a carrying casepouch, instruction manual, windsheild suction cup mount, and a The Passport GTimer GT2 performance computer can record run data, including acceleration and braking information, cornering g's, frictioncircle g's, complete quartermile information, horsepower