Automax declutchable manual override gearbox

The manual override shall be an Automax RA declutchable worm gear override capable of being sandwich mounted between the SuperNova actuator and the valve. The gear override should also include the Automax Declutchable override sandwich mounted between valve and actuator Units are suitable for use in all handwheel applications with DYNATORQUE chainwheel adapters. The declutch mechanism is designed to mount between the Declutchable Gear Override UniTorq Actuators and Controls manufacturer and distribute superior pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, limit switches, positioners and valve actuator accessories.

The gear override consists of a declutchable gear mounted to the accessory side of the actuator. Any accessories, such as limit switches and positioners, may be offset mounted. The gear override is designed for the full rated torque of the actuator. Declutchable Manual Override Gear, DG Series The DG Series features a sandwich style declutchable worm gear that works in conjunction with pneumatic actuators.

These gears provide manual override capabilities when air supply to the actuator is interrupted. 1 Product Data Sheet MOGear box MO Declutchable Manual Override Gearbox ELOMatic FSeries Actuators option Light weight aluminum design and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy operation. Suitable for quarter turn applications. Available in 5 sizes ranging up to maximum output torque of 6000 Nm ( lbf. in) Declutchable Gear Override declutchable override.

The units come complete with a valve sizes that require the convenience of a manual override. There are two series available. The DGO Series matches the ISO 5211 Operation Manual Declutchable Worm Gear. p. 1 DECLUTCHABLE WORM GEAR Installation, Maintenance, and maintenance for Diamond Gear Declutchable Override worm gear operators.

Diamond Declutchable Worm Gear operators are designed to be used on ball, butterfly, plug, and damper applications; generally for 90 degree Declutchable gearboxes are installed between the pneumatic actuator and the valve and can disengage the actuator to valve drive to create a manual override facilty.

The Automax rotary manual override sandwich mounts between the actuator and the valvedamper. The selflocking declutchable worm gear design provides a secure, easily engaged, long lasting override for the Automax SuperNova SNA series. Rotork ILGD is a Complete range of manual declutchable sandwich override quarter turn gearboxes for double acting pneumatic actuators. The Automax RB Series declutchable manual override sandwichmounts between the actuator and the valve or damper.

The selflocking, The manual override is an Automax RB Series declutchable gear override, capable of being sandwichmounted between the SuperNova actuator and valve.