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T55 TURBOSHAFT ENGINE Continuous improvement of a battlefield proven engine. Honeywell Aerospace 1944 East Sky Harbor Circle Phoenix, AZ service of the T55GA714A U. S. Army upgrade program and the 55L714A new production or upgrade kits for international customers.

Corpus Christi, TX Corpus Christ Army Depot with partner, Honeywell International, celebrated completion of the 400th T55GA714A engine overhaul with Boeing CH47 Chinook Military Helicopter. Date By The CH47 Chinook is produced by Boeing and powered by two Honeywell T55GA714A turboshaft engines with FADEC. Its two engines produce a continuous power of 3, 000 shp with a maximum power of 3, 750 shp each. The Lycoming T55 (Company designation Lycoming LTC4) is a turboshaft engine used on American helicopters and fixedwing aircraft (in turboprop form), since the 1950s.

It was designed at the Lycoming Turbine Engine Division in Stratford, Connecticut as a scaledup version of the smaller Lycoming T53. Both engines are now produced by Honeywell Aerospace. The T55 also serves as the core of the and general aviation, military, space and airport operations.

For more information on Honeywell Aerospace, visit us online at the performance of your T55L712 series engine to the 55L714A. To address general T55L712 series engine part obsolescence issues, and incorporate T55 T55GA714A turboshaft engine on a CH47 Chinook: Type Turboshaft: National origin: United States: Manufacturer Lycoming Engines Honeywell Aerospace: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lycoming T55. Honeywell T55 page This aircraft engine article is missing some (or all) of its specifications.

If you have a source, you can help About the Honeywell T A: The Honeywell T55 is a Family of military turboshaft engines. The most prominent aircraft application is the Boeing CH47 Chinook and MH47 helicopters. The new CH47F uses more powerful Honeywell T55GA714A engines that It sports two Honeywell T55GA714A engines. (James WilliamsStaff) 6 of 13 The Ukrainian aircraft Antonov AN178 attended the 2018 Farnborough Airshow in England.

T55GA714A Engines Canada T55GA714A Engines WASHINGTON, April 9, 2010 The Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress on April 8 of a possible Foreign Military Sale to Canada of 36 T55GA714A engines and associated equipment, parts, and logistical support for an estimated cost of 71 million.

Honeywell to Provide 600 New T55 Engines for Chinook Helicopters (Source: Honeywell; issued Feb. 24, 2004) SINGAPORE Honeywell announced today that it has been selected by the United States Army to provide 600 Honeywell T55GA714A engines for the Chinook helicopter. The latest configuration T delivers 22 percent more power and uses seven percent less fuel than its predecessor.

We are continually improving the T55 to meet military needs. T55 Turboshaft Engine