High country supreme compound bow manual

High country supreme bow for rent: High Country Supreme Compound Bow 1, High Country Supreme Bow 75 (Clinton, HIGH COUNTRY SUPREME RH CAMOFLAGE COMP, High Country Supreme Compound Bow (Wax The signature model is the Mountain, available in the Mountain 30, the Mountain Supreme, and Mountain 32.

All of these bows feature CNC machined aluminum risers, efficient DualFlex limbs, and the new 75percent letoff PFC singlecam system. The bows are available in draw lengths from 2530 inches and peak draw weights from 5070 pounds.

Welcome to our new website! Welcome to High Country Archerys new website! Over the next few weeks we will be adding numerous resources for your consumption. One of High Country's latest offerings is the new Supreme Extreme. The Supreme Extreme is an ultrashort, 31inch axletoaxle bow, which seems to be the magical measurement for about half of High Country's current bow line. Five facts about High Country compound bows are: Medium Brace Height High Country compounds have a brace height between 7.

0 and 7. 25 inches. This puts their brace height right between the short (6. 5inches and less) and long (7. 5 and up) brace heights. Aug 27, 2008 I used to shoot for High country and think highly of their products.

I have a High Country Supreme that I won a world championship qualifier with back in the 90's and this bow is still dead on accurate and shoots well over 300 fps. Your Complete Archery Retailer! We Specialize in providing the best Archery Equipment available, at some of the best prices! Whether you are new to the sport and looking for a great bow at a great price, or are an avid bowhunter looking for some of the best products the Archery Industry has to offer, Archer's Choice is your one stop shop for If you purchased a Compound bow Outfitter package, be certain your compound bow has an arrow rest, a peep sight with tubing, a sling, a sight and a quiver included in your package.

If any of the outfitter package accessories are missing: first, contact your dealer Sep 26, 2011 My NEWEST compound bow is a 1974 Bear White Tail Hunter. It's just a little bit older version of the one White Falcon posted above. I still shoot it for fun from time to time, but I never liked the weight or balance and it's too noisy for me to hunt with.

FIND A HIGH COUNTRY ARCHERY DEALER: PRODUCTS. Compound Bows Ascension XR X12R X12 RAD 4Runner Apparel Accessories ABOUT HCA.

Experience the New HCA Press Release January 4, 2010 HCA Purchased High Country Archery Forums High Country HCA Force Compound Bow. Equipped with Toxonics Fiber Optic Sight, Savage Rest, Stabilizer, and Hunting Quiver. Bow is in great shape and ready to be shot new string installed on the bow back in March with dloop and peep sight.

High Country Compound Bows This page displays High Country compound bows. High Country Bows are commonly used for archery, 3D archery shooting and bow hunting.