Manual review of ohio income tax

I got a letter stating my Ohio state return is" under review" and have to support documents to prove that I filed. recieved my federal return within a week and within days of reciving my fed refund i recieved the same 'manual review' letter.

I just received the letter stating my income tax return was under review from the If you owe back income taxes from previous years or a state debt such as back child support or fees payable to the state in which you live, the state will review your income tax returns. It will then deduct the amount owed from your total state income tax refund. what does it mean when your state tax return is" under manual review" ?

I live in ohio. you can't go on the tax. ohio. gov site until you get your letter. The letter has a reference number that you have to input and tells you other (b) The JFS, " Notice of Denial of Request for Income Tax Refund Offset Review" (rev.

), when the debtor or the debtor's representative requests an income tax refund offset review but is not contesting any of This State of Ohio Department of Taxation sample letter regarding an income tax review Personal Tax Division Attn: Manual Review Unit P.

O. Box Columbus, OH Telephone: preparation of your 2013 Ohio Income tax return for any deduction(s) andor credit(s) taken. 4. A copy of this notice. 2015 Ohio Income Tax Under Manual Review Review. Here you can read more about 2015 Ohio Income Tax Under Manual Review Review. Many people have talked about Taxes why is my income tax under manual review?

Yahoo Jan 30, 2010 i went to check it online and it said it be receive but Ohio department of taxation manual review unit Ohio Manual review of ohio income tax refund under manual review 2015 State refund under manual review 2016 State return manual review Community Experts online right now.

Ask for FREE. The Ohio Department of Taxation provides the collection and administration of most state taxes, several local taxes and the oversight of real property taxation in Ohio. The department also distributes revenue to local governments, libraries and school districts. Apr 06, 2009  A manual review is one where a live person looks at the return for completeness. Something could have triggered the review also: children, EITC, home buyers credit, business deductions, Sch A, education Ohio income tax refund manual review I looked on the irs.

gov and it says my refund is being review please take action what does that mean? I checked the wheres my refund site about my refund, it says that i must have entered my info incorrectly but i know i did not, whats this mean?