Manually slipstream xp drivers

Dec 15, 2008 I have a asus P5QE board and would like to installed XP 32 bit with the AHCISATA (Intel ICH10R) drivers Slipstream with nLite, the problem is that I don't know what drivers to get. Can you guys please help me out. Now, I had all intention of describing this howto specifically for adding USB 3. 0 drivers, but it can also be used for adding any number of drivers to the boot media as well.

Here are 2 ways to integrate the SATA drivers into your Windows XP CD allowing installation without the need of a floppy drive. 2 Ways to Integrate Floppy SATA RAID Driver into Windows XP CD. 2017 Raymond. CC Blog. Disclaimer; Regular PNP Driver should be used with devices that will be installed during the installation (network, video, sound), Textmode Drivers are loaded before the Windows installation starts, it is the equivalent of pressing F6 during the install and pointing to a floppy disk for the driver.

How to Slipstream your XP installation Add RAID drivers and Service Pack 2 to your original Windows CD! Think of how you treat a brand Apr 17, 2010 SATA driver for Windows XP Slipstream I would like to try installing a dual boot of Windows XP Professional x86 with Windows 7 Professional x64 on a single hard drive.

I gave up last time but decided to try one last time. I would like to install Windows on it, but Windows only allows introduction of SATA drivers via a floppy drive. I havent used a floppy or even purchased a 3. 5" floppy in at least 3 years. Can I just make in ISO of my XP Pro Sp1 CD and add in a driver? With nLite, you can also integrate additional drivers, select an unattended installation, which inputs your CD key automatically, and more, but we're not going to cover that here.

Instead, click Bootable ISO to tell nLite that you want to create an install disc.