Cartell exit probe manual

Cartell CP3 exit probe is a low voltage probe used for automatically opening a driveway gate. Buries next to drive and senses moving metal such as a car or bicycle.

The Pioneer TM free exit system (Product code: CT3BG) includes a sensor probe and an external output board with sensitivity and time adjustments.

The board comes with or without an enclosure and has been conformal coated for direct installation in a gate operator. Freeexit sensor back from gate to prevent unauthorized entry. Covers 12' wide driveway from side of drive.

Automatically directional when using 2 CP3 units together. The GateMate CP W is a free exit system that opens your automatic gate so you and your visitors can leave without having to use a remote, key fob or keypad. This is a selfcontained system that connects directly to any gate operator witho Free Exit Systems GateMate Free Exit System S O L A R F R I E N D L Y P R O DU C T Pioneer Free Exit System S O L A R F R I E N D L Y P R O DU C T Preferred Technologies Group www.

cartell. com The GateMate has 85 90 lower standby current than our closest The Pioneer free exit system includes a sensor probe and an external This item CARTELL CP3100 Vehicle Sensor Kit Exit Wand Car Vehicle Detector Automatic Gate Free Exit device CP3100 Vehicle Sensor Kit Exit Wand 100 Feet Car Vehicle detector Automatic Gate release Free Exit device EMX Exit Probe with 50 ft of lead cable. EMX Exit Probe with 100 ft of lead cable. CARTELL GateMate Exit Probe with 100 ft of lead cable.

Exit wand with 100'lead wire to use on any gate operator or device that requires a normally open or normally closed set of contacts. 1024 vacdc 5 wire probe. MANUAL Preferred Technologies Group Manufactured by: www. cartell. com. Please Note: After powerup, it takes at least two minutes for the CP3 to be functional.

It is designed to provide a trigger for free exit and home automation. The sensor probe Cartells highly flexible systems can be set up to sound an alert, turn on inside and outside lights, start cameras, activate communication devices, trigger alerts or home automation systems and more. Perfect for homes with driveways under 75 feet, the SD610 is a dualprobe system that can be as close as 10 ft to cross traffic at the end of driveway.

Use this sensor with the Cartell CT2B or CF2C control unit and a sounder to create a complete sy Cartell DriveGuard CT6 Sensor Probe Based on magnetometer technology, the CT6 detects movement in the earths magnetic field caused by moving steel. It