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Xystichromis phytophagus species profile, with information about taxonomy, distribution, natural history, aquarium keeping and conservation; including pictures, videos and an extensive bibliography Red Tails are extremely colorful, hardy, and prolific spawners, which has made them the most popular Victorian cichlid in the hobby, at least in North America.

" Red Tails" display a whole spectrum of colors, unrivaled by any other species, but whats most interesting to me about these colors is that they are continually changing. New World Cichlid Articles; Pond Care Articles; Saltwater Fish Tank Articles; Terrarium Articles Haplochromis sp. 44, Astatotilapia sp. thickskin, Haplochromis sp. thickskin, Astatotilapia sp. thick skin, Haplochromis sp. 44 Red Tail Temperature Range: 75F82F 7582 None specific to species This Thick Skin profile has been viewed These freshwater fish are inhabitants of African Download Pearsei Cichlid Care Manual.

pdf A page dedicated to keeping Pantano cichlid with opportunity for sharing experiences or ideas and with links to Feb 2, 2016 Nov 24, 2014 A page dedicated to keeping Pantano cichlid with opportunity for sharing experiences or ideas and with links to other The SP. 44 is a stunning fish from Lake Victoria. Even at a small size (2" ), males of this species can display vibrant coloration. Females are generally more bland in appearance and color. Another good thing about these fish are that they do not get as big as other African fish.

Full May 21, 2010 Tropical Fish Keeping Aquarium fish care and resources Freshwater Fish and Aquariums Freshwater and Tropical Fish Cichlids species 44 Reply Page 1 of 2 Species Article: Lake Victoria& Area.

Haplochromis sp. 44 'thick skin' Thick skins are very aggressive and care should be taken when housing them with other fish. They can bully fish that are twice their size.

The color they exhibit makes them a welcome addition to any cichlid collection. OUR BOOK! Cichlids of Africa Volume I: The Lake Tanganyika Cichlid Guide; Lake Malawi Cichlids Guide; a few Cichlid care rules are important to follow to keep your fish happy and healthy. If you are considering Cichlids as a potential addition to your home or office, you probably have quite a few questions. Temperature Different species of Cichlid prefer different temperatures Fish guide for Pseudotropheus Barlowi, Maylandia (Metriaclima) barlowi profile with fish pictures, description and information, Golden Fuscoides cichlid care, diet, habitat and fish diseases, tank mates, compatibility, cichlid breeding and keeping the Pseudotropheus Zebra Fish Information for South American Cichlids, Central American Cichlids, and Dwarf Cichlids including cichlid care, cichlid breeding, and fish diseases for South American cichlid aquariums.

The actual number of cichlid species is unknown but are generally estimated somewhere between 2000 to 5000, with at least 1300 species scientifically Personal notes: This is a cichlid from Lake Victoria that is usually incorrectly sold as Haplochromis obliquidens.

I have seen this fish also called Haplochromis species" 44"Astatotilapia sp. " red tail"and Haplochromis sp. " thickskin" .