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Add the old and new links links in the two text areas. Use relative links without the beginning forward slash (). Add the generated code in DotNetNuke installation set your portal alias settings Then check I've ended up using DNNSPIREs Traffic director to created 301 redirects. It's not a very elegant product, but it is easy to set up and seems to work fine. Bo, You no longer have the pane names on the page.

You can only do it via the gear icon or manual: RE: Folder 301 Redirects on Products in DNN. Ask Question. Browse other questions tagged asp. net redirect dotnetnuke dotnetnuke9 or ask your 301 redirect dotnetnuke manual question.

asked. 1 year, 2 months ago. viewed. 111 times codeigniter 301 redirect with router for old url and remaning no redirect. 0. However DotNetNuke should of always supported 301 redirects out of the box (but it doesn't) when multiple portal aliases are configured on a single portal. I've always maintained my own branch of DotNetNuke that I utilize in production for my clients, one of the features I've added into this branch is automatic 301 redirection based on the Redirect Toolkit is the ultimate DNN module for building DNN redirects, DNN segmentation and DNN workflows based on various criteria such as user information, roles, referrer, page parameters, host or browser information.

Sep 03, 2006 Re: DotNetNuke Portal Alias and 301 Redirects sorry for the uppage but this is the problem thats affecting me at the moment. i have a. com and. co. uk address that are set up as portal alias's to the same site.

and this 302 problem. Hi, I just want to get some perspective from the community on how did you smartly handle your 301 redirects when you first transfer your old website May 16, 2012  http: www. DNNHero. com This video will show how you can use this simple 301 redirect module to to things like redirect from old to . htaccess 301 redirect regular expression from DotNetNuke to Wordpress. Ask Question. up vote 2 down vote favorite. So, I don't want to lose anything, but the regular expression is killing me for the.

htaccessbased 301 redirect. Here's an example of an old domain post: Create 100's Of Tiered 301 Redirects! 301 Nuke Protects your Websites from Google Penalties using Mass 301 Redirects from URL Shortener Services. 301 Nuke is the Best Mass URL Shortener! Mar 17, 2010 Manual 301 Redirect for DNN Mini Spy a manual solution would be much better.

Googling it reveals it's DotNetNuke. So this is an ASP. NET question. Giving a little more information might help. Use a sophisticated redirect system on your DNN site for segmentation and advanced personalization: DNN Dynamic Redirect allows for defining criteria which cause redirects to How to Build a Website in DotNetNuke; Skinning Tutorials; Module Development; Third Party Modules; Forum; Search It's possible to 301 redirect this using the Url Master module, but you would need some custom rules written.

Bo, You no longer have the pane names on the page. You can only do it via the gear icon or manual: RE: Folder Heres the steps to create a 301 redirect to a DNN page: 1. Make sure youre logged in as an administrator, and go to the Edit PagePage Settings link to How to Redirect a DotNetNuke Page to a Different URL To redirect a DotNetNuke page to a different URL please follow these steps. DotNetNuke 6 and 7