Table olive production manual

Processing Technology of the Table Olive Suzanne Colmagro, Graham Collins, and Margaret Sedgley Department of Horticulture, Viticulture and Oenology, Waite Campus, Ltd. for assistance and advice on production and sensory evaluation of table olives.

Research conducted by M. Sedgleys group was supported by the Horticultural Research Table Olive Production Manual Publication No. The information contained in this publication is intended for general use to assist public knowledge and ABLE T 1. 1 World table olive production, exportation, importation, and consumption along the last six seasons ( IOOC, 2007 ).

This table shows data on production, export and import, and consumption for the main countries involved in the The aim of this manual is to provide olive growers and processors with internationally based guidelines for ensuring the quality and safety of processed table olives. This manual covers all aspects essential for the production of safe, nutritious and marketable table olives including site selection, recommended varieties, pest and disease Olive Oil Production References OLIVE PRODUCTION MANUAL Ferguson L.Sibbett G.

S.Martin G. C.University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 3353 This manual is a world reference for production of table olives with some reference to oil production.

The Organic Olive Production Manual addresses all aspects of olive production in an organic context. An overview of site selection, olive cultivars and the economics of olives as a commodity provides background. There are chapters devoted to all the important elements of olive orchard culture that are specific to organic production: nutrition, weed control, disease prevention and insect pest Olives Olive production is being explored as an alternative crop for fruit and vegetable producers in Florida.

On February 2, 2012, the Citrus Research and Education Center conducted a workshop and seminar designed to provide information on olive culture, Olive Production Page 2 Figure 3: Top oliveproducing counties in California [9.

Most table olives are grown in lower harvested. In the 1980s highdensity (HD) A practical guide for all table olive producers This publication is a practical guide for all table olive producers.

It includes an overview of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles for table olives within the framework provided by the FSANZ Food Standards Code.

This manual provides detailed information for growers on production issues, plant nutrition, economics, pest and weed control, management of olive wastes, the conversion process, and certification.