Anu building requirements manual

This procedure is linked to the Australian National Universitys Work health and safety policy and is one of the Safe Work Procedures within the WHS Management System.

Definitions Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is an automatic device used to provide an electric shock to the heart, with the intent of returning it to a normal rhythm. Facilities and Services ANU Building Requirements Manual 2010 local service authorities to carry out any proposed augmentation or relocation works on the Universitys behalf. The Campus and Buildings Requirements Manual (CBRM) has been developed for this purpose.

The CBRM is a dynamic document which through its use will be continually improved. Australian Standards and the National Construction Code provide the basis for design and construction work at the ANU. Undergraduate Academic Entry Requirements For admission into an undergraduate program at ANU, applicants must have: 1. Completed recognised upper secondary or equivalent studies comparable to Australian Year 12, to the required standard; 2. Satisfied English language proficiency requirements; and 3.

: Diving ANU SEA 00C3 Authorization for Navy Use (ANU) Program The ANU Program provides a list of selected diving equipment, tools and accessories which have undergone design safety reviews, testing and evaluation to ensure diver safety and acceptability. PROJECT MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK. Project Planning& Delivery Manual 2010. This document is still under review and will be available on line soon. ANU Building Requirements Manual 2010 Feb 13, 2018 Design Requirements Manual 2016 Page Content The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Design Requirements Manual (DRM) establishes policy, design requirements, standards and technical criteria for use in planning, programming, and designing NIH owned, leased, operated, and funded buildings and facilities.

ANU Entry Requirements Students are required to meet the following entry requirements to progress from ANU College Foundation Studies for their chosen Operational Plan 2012 2020. 2 Version 3 (October 2012) Preamble. The Australian National University (ANU) is Australias leading university and is unambiguous about its objective to remain A ustralias leading university. In with Campus and Building Requirements Manual.

Identifies the hardware, software, manual operations, and all other resources needed to perform the actions described in this manual. This will include things such as: Computer equipment required, the amount of memory needed, diskspace required, peripheral devices etc.

Operating System (version etc. ). Support software systems (DHS etc. ). 01 General Requirements Campus& Buildings Requirements Manual I THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY both within and outside the ANU.

Complying with all ANU policies and procedures, and in particular those relating to work health and safety and equal opportunity. 6. TYPICAL PROCESS INPUTS 6. 1. The typical inputs required for the Projects team processes may include the following steps: .