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We support our shooters with an awardwinning customer service staff, and the LaserCast Reloading Manual. If you demand quality and rely on accuracy, youll always have a home at Oregon Trail The Laser Cast manual loads for Marlin Lever Gun using 405g LFN and H4895 seem to be well below those of other sources, for the same bullet using the same powder for Marlin lever gun loads It's like the max listed is everyone else's starting.

Find great deals on eBay for laser cast bullets. Shop with confidence. Our silver alloy produces cast bullets that are harder than standard cast bullets without fear of leading and still protects the barrel from harsh wear.

LaserCast Cast Bullet Whether you call it magic, divine providence or simply good luck, Oregon Trail Bullet Company came together with a rare mix of talented idealists, all focused like a laser on one simple plan: to offer our shooters the finest hard cast lead bullets ever, supported by the best in customer service. Cast Bullets Manual On That s why Oregon Trail Bullet Company was created, We support our shooters with an awardwinning customer service staff, and the LaserCast Reloading Manual.

To update your customer information (name, address, telephone number and email address), please contact us at [email protected] com. To protect your privacy, we will need to validate your identity 5. 0 out of 5 stars Laser Cast Manual By Amazon Customer on July 9, 2015 Great addition to the reloading references for loading laser cast bullets so you get the full potential out of them.

Jul 28, 2014 Oregon Trails says their Laser Cast Bullets don't cause leadingbut before I load them in fullpower. 357 Magnum rounds I'd like to know if anyone else has had experience with them in high velocity loads. I use them for standard target loads but have never tried them with magnums. Thanks. government laser cast reloading manual pdf. 3006 cast loads for 1903a3 springfields load manual& data oregon trail bullet company oregon trail laser cast bullets 44 cal (431 the cast bullet Sep 09, 2007 Looks like Laser Cast references Handloads.

com which in turn appears to mirror (e. g. Alliant Unique) the Powder manufacturer's website. Therefore it looks like Laser Cast is simply suggesting the powder manufacturer's generic lead bullet recipe. 1st Edition LaserCast Load Manual. For many years this has been the goto source for reloading data. A Laser cast bullets manual for any reloading bench. We are now offering this great resource free.