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Note: some browsers hide scrollbars until you begin scrolling. If you don't see scrollbars on these panels, position your mouse over a panel and scroll with your mouse wheel. 2 220i DriveRack User Manual Congratulations on your purchase of the dbx 220i! The dbx 220i processor was designed to provide Installers with programmable system processing along with dbxs Advanced Feedback Suppression The DriveRack 260 was designed with the purpose and vision of providing stateoftheart signal processing, while utilizing a simple and intuitive user interface.

4. 2 Feedback Eliminator The DriveRack PA is the first product in the dbx family to offer the exclusive patent pending AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression) feedback elimination module. Feedback is caused when a microphonic signal such as a guitar pickup or microphone is reproduced by an ampli fication and is repeatedly picked up in phase. Jan 05, 2013 Crossover DBX utilizado en DUOC San Carlos de Apoquindo, para el examen de ttulo.

Dbx Driverack Pa Manual Spanish DriveRack. Back. DriveRack DriveRack VENU360 DriveRack 260 DriveRack PA2 DriveRack Premium DriveRack PA DriveRack 220i DriveRack DriveRack 260. 0. 1 Defining the DriveRack 260 System The dbx DriveRack 260 is the most effective way to manage all aspects of post mixer processing and signal routing.

The DriveRack 260 essentially becomes the only device that you will need between the mixer and the power amps.

DriveRack 260 Loudspeaker Management System. There is a reason that Tour Sound Professionals and discriminating Audio Contractors choose dbx DriveRack products for The DriveRack PA from dbx Professional Products represents a complete integration of the key elements that help ensure optimal loudspeaker sys tem management in PAspecific applications.

With the DriveRack 260, dbx Professional Products has redefined the stan dard by which all other loudspeaker management processors will be compared. The DriveRack 260 continues the legacy of DriveRack family.

[dbx RTAM, FLAT When the dbx RTAM option is selected, AutoEQ will automatically compensate for the frequency response of the dbx RTAM microphone, providing more accurate AutoEQ results. Select the FLAT option if using a measurement microphone other than the dbx RTAM.