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Nov 14, 2011 When I type 'set' under cmd prompt I can see what Logon server the machine is trying to use but even if I manually change it to point to the other DC that is online it still reverts back to the offline DC next time a user logs in on that machine. change LOGONSERVER 26th August 2015, 09: 27. Is there a simple way to set the default LOGONSERVER per user using GP or if that fails change it for Feb 27, 2016  I have a windows 7 pc and when thet logon and I run the set l comamnd I find that the PC is logging into a domain contr 15 replies Active Directory& GPO I have a windows 7 pc and when thet logon and I run the set l comamnd I find that the PC is Dec 05, 2011  So i have manually set the logon servers to the new one by using the below command.

set LOGONSERVER\\NewDC after this i could see the logon server is set to the new one. But after some time its again start reporting to the old DC. Any idea how can we set Aug 22, 2008 How can i force one machine to use a particular DC as its logon server? i can obviously do" cmd type set logonserverdcname" but that isnt permenent, infact it changes the second i log off Apr 19, 2018 This article describes how you can use LOGONSERVER to distribute user profiles.

Set logonserver manually restore a user logs on, LOGONSERVER is defined and set to the name of the authenticated computer. It is not propagated to a user's environment variables prior to NT 4. 0 SP3. Therefore, you cannot use the LOGONSERVER environment variable in logon Mar 31, 2010 Good morning, How do I go about setting the default logon server in our environment using GPO? We have 3 DC's and wish to set the default DC in order using GPO.

How To Set Logonserver Manually When I am at one of my remote sites and I echo the logonserver I get a RWDC Everything is set up correctly in Sites and Services. including all the branch More information, I just How to change default LOGONSERVER. Hello, In our BES environment we have 3 servers, 2 of them have a Windows 2003 DC as logonserver.

These 2 servers have no problems. Find out logon using the command on a good server set logonserver On the troubled server do this Sep 19, 2007 There is the enviroment variable" LOGONSERVER". You could try a batch file that runs" SET LOGONSERVER \\DCX" as a startup script. There is also a LOGONSERVER registry entry that you could edit with a script. If you are wanting a particular site to use a specific DC, The" Logonserver" environment variable is set when you log on to the name of the server which Changing" logonserver" manually would address I estimate about 1 of the problems you would Apr 12, 2011 How To Set Preferred Logon Server.

By tango07, January 11, 2008 in OPERATING SYSTEMS& NETWORK MANAGEMENT. Recommended Posts. tango07 0 tango07 0 Newbie; Members; 0 32 posts You should try to manually forcing replication in AD Sites and Services twice from both domain controllers. Since there are replication issues, usually 1 server will be Change the logonserver via command line. set p logonserver \\server1 and whenever I retype set it shows that server1 is the new logon server but whenever I log off and log back in the old server is the one that is logged into any ideas?

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