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Remove Safari History Mac. Apart from above mentioned option Safari browser will allow you to individually remove the items from the history list, automatic removal of individual items on scheduled time, disable history recording and many more.

Therefore in order to make sure that the deleted history is removed you have to manually Nov 10, 2014 These are simple instructions on how to delete individual pages from Safari history on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, in order to increase your privacy. How to delete specific pages from Safari history on Mac.

Removing cherrypicked items from your Safari history on iOS and Mac is a surefire solution for the problem of unwanted Safari on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad lets you remove individual items from your browser history.

Here's how it works. How to View and Delete Browsing History on Safari. Whenever you view a Web page, Safari automatically saves a record of its name and location in the Browsing History folder. This How to Selectively Clear Your Browsing History in Safari iPhone& iPad By Sarah Kingsbury updated on If you share an iPhone or iPad with others, you may wish to keep parts of your iPhone web browsing history private.

Aug 15, 2010  Safari automatically deleting history In Safari preferences, I have" remove history items" set to" after one month". For some reason, items Jun 26, 2017 How to Clear History in Safari. Four Methods: OS X (All History) OS X Remove Items from Safari Reading List in iOS. How to. Block a Website in Safari.

How to. Clear Safari Search History. Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Jan 17, 2017  How to delete your Safari web browsing history for specific days. Anthony Bouchard on January 17, Delete Safari browsing history on iOS. Once youre presented with a list of dates and history items, choose a date you want to go missing. 5) Remove history items: The default option, After one year, ensures that Safari automatically deletes browsing history records that are one year old.

Other available options include After one day, After one week, After two weeks, After one month, and Manually.