Husheng 144 53cc manual

Apr 03, 2009 The Honda 50cc Road Racers regularly went over 100mph. So did the old Suzuki and Yamaha 50cc road racers. They used to run some really wicked 50cc, 3 cylinder, rotary valve, 2 cycle engine powered motorcycles in the road races too. HuaSheng 49cc Engine Only (4STROKE) Fits HuaShang 49cc Cent. Clutch Engine only. Transmission, Gas Tank, 415 Chain, Engine Mount, Throttle& Cable, Idler, 3pcs. wide pedal crank fits big or small bottom hole, Clamp to spokes sprocket kit, 12T HD Freewheel drive sprocket, 100T solid driven pulley, and 48T wheel sprocket.