Ikaros line throwing apparatus manual woodworkers

LINETHROWING APPLIANCES Ikaros Linethrower (Art. NO 346 100) 1 Linethrowing Appliance 4 units" lkaros Linethrower (Art. NO Manual(s) for installation use and maintenance. No departure from these documents is permitted without the prior consent of the society. 3. TEST REPORTS Robust self Ikaros line throwing apparatus manual woodworkers portable line throwing unit for use as pilot line for cables and ropes in rescue operations at sea.

Approved globally. Ocean Safety Ltd Ocean Safety Ikaros Linethrower SOLAS Training Manual Distress Signals Lifebuoy Markers Line Throwing Devices Emergency Telephone No. : All line throwing operations at sea between vessels, ship to shore, shore to ship and shore based rescue services. Also used to rescue swimmers in distress or pass line across rivers or ravines. Replace line container after use or on third set of replacement rockets ( 9 years). Note: Never fire the rocket without a drag line attached.

Selfcontained rocket propelled linethrowing appliance. A selfcontained linethrowing appliance consisting of a plastic case with an end cap and 250m of line, an integral striker mechanism plus a rocket. Greek REACH MSDS Line Throwing Rocket (PDF 424. 7 KB) Italian REACH MSDS Line Throwing Rocket (PDF 231. 7 KB) Norwegian REACH MSDS Line Throwing Rocket (PDF 219. 9 KB) Swedish safety at sea since 1888. Ikaros stands for safety at sea. Our products are proven by years and years of use in the toughest conditions.

Ikaros LineThrower. Brand: HANSSON PYROTECH Department: Marine Equipments Category: Marine Equipments Self contained portable linethrowing appliance incorporating integral rocket and igniter. For connection between ships, from shore to ship, or ship to shore. May 21, 2017  This video will tell you how to use Huahai line throwing appratus, although its in Chinese language but you can follow th instruction Enquire Ikaros Marine Suppliers on ShipServ Pages, the world's number one marine supply directory.

Search; Buyer Solutions Supplier Solutions Customers About Help Contact Us line throwing apparatus ikaros lifesaving, safety& emergency rocket for linethrower, ikaros part pyrotechnics number: Pneumatic Line Throwing for use to rescue personnel. This Line Throwing Device has a handle and trigger.

The Ikaros Line Thrower has waterproof plastic container. LINE THROWING APPARATUS IKAROS 4UNITSCOMPLETE HANSS. FLEMMING This product can not be purchased directly from our site. Please contact us at for a quote on this product.