Iodination of acetone procedure manual template

Report for the Kinetics of the Iodination of Acetone This lab was performed in groups. For this report, you are allowed to turn in one report for your entire Procedure (15 ) using your exact measurements. Do not simply copy the procedure from the lab manual, but type what you did. You only need to provide enough detail so that a reader For the first trial, measure out 10.

0 mL of acetone solution, 10. 0 mL of 1. 0 M HCl, and 20. 0 mL of distilled water. These should be added to a 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask. the reaction), add one dropper of the 0. 005 M iodine solution into the test tube. Quickly mix the solutions well by using a stirring rod.

The reaction mixture will appear yellow because of the presence of the iodine, and the color will fade slowly as the iodine reacts with the acetone. Fill another test tube to the same height will distilled water.

Rates of Chemical Reactions: The Iodination of Acetone. Introduction The rate at which a chemical reaction occurs depends on several factors: the nature of the reaction, the concentrations of the reactants, the temperature, and the presence of possible catalysts. All of these factors can markedly influence the observed rate of reaction. Kinetics of iodination of acetone, catalyzed by HCl and H 2SO 4 kinetics of iodination of acetone has been studied in presence of HCl and H 2SO 4 and the rates have been compared Acetone, Iodine, Acid.

Manual errors More likely Negligible Time intervals 3 min 1 min It was found that both Acetone and H have a direct effect on the reaction rate of I 2. The rate law for acetone iodination is rate k[Acetone[H. The average value of k calculated from the three trials was found to be about 2. 32e5 M1 s1. C Procedure. 1 For reaction Number One: Pipet into a beaker 3. 00 mL acetone, 3. 00 mL of HCl and 8. 00 mL of water and into another beaker, pipet 4. 00 mL of iodine. 2 Pour the iodine solution into the beaker containing the acetone, HCl and water.

Mix quickly. 3 Fill the cuvet with the solution and place it in the spectrometer. acetone iodine iodoacetone hydrogen iodide By using this procedure, it is possible to calculate the order of reaction with respect to each reactant and the rate constant for the reaction.

DATA AND ANALYSIS SHEET: KINETICS OF THE IODINATION OF ACETONE Name: The Iodination of Acetone Anen Montour John Wosenske Brianna Wright Chemical kinetics is the study of the rates of chemical processes and the factors that may effect them.

Main factors include the physical state of reactants, the concentration of the reactants, Iodination of acetone procedure manual template temperature at which the reaction occurs and presence of a catalyst.