Wine guardian ttw009 manual transfer

Wine Cellar cooling Systems Wine Guardian. Download PDF. Comment. reduces air pressure drop and optimizes heat transfer. A drain pan is located directly below the coil to capture condensate and is fabricated from aluminum to prevent rust and corrosion.

Install in accordance with the instructions in the Wine Guardian manual. Protect Wine Cellar Cooling Units As any enthusiast knows, wine ages to its fullest potential only in the best environments. We help ensure this vital aspect of your cellar with a huge selection of the world's best wine cellar cooling systems. The louvers can help direct cold air into the center of the wine cellar should the ThroughtheWall unit be mounted in a corner of the room.

12 Overview 13 TTW 018 14 TTW009 15 Safety The following is suggested before installing or maintaining the Wine Guardian System: 1) Read these instructions 2) Keep these instructions 3) Heed all warnings 4