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Jul 10, 2018 Sharp MZ80A and MZ80K: Screen looks good. The keyboard reacts to a few keys, but not as it should (it results in different characters on the screen than those you pressed). The Sharp MZ is a series of personal computers sold in Japan and Europe SHARP published PDF files of manuals for the MZ80 on their official Twitter page.

MZ80K group. The Sharp MZ80K was one of the popular early consumerlevel microcomputers, Sharp MZ80K The MZ80K was introduced in 1978 on the Japanese market in kit form. Not as a kit it was sold up from August 1979 in Germany ( price DM 1.

800; source: The German magazine" Computerwoche" issue No. 33 from August 17, 1979 ). In May 1978, the Components Division of the Electronic Components Group introduced the MZ40K microcomputer kit, and in December, the MZ80K, an assembleityourself model that ran under BASIC. This was Sharps first personal computer. The Sharp P3 printer was designed for the MZ80K, and is rugged, reliable, and cheap on ribbons; and the SUC can supply an improved character eprom for 5.

Later Sharp printers ( P4 5 6 ) may also be used, if fitted with a K character eprom. Here you can find manuals for various programming languages and utilities. Just click the PDF icon to view the manual. Software Title Filename Notes Manual MZ MonitorDisassembler B880 1184 B880. A3P6 MZ80KA700 Master Disassembler B880 0487 B880 MASTER BAS MOD v3. 74 BAS MOD v3. 74 Requires BASIC SA5510 to be in memory previously MZ80A SUPERBASIC SA5575C Most of the time it was the MZ80K (which came out before the 80A) which got more attention.

Hopefully this site can be similar for the Sharp Sharp mz 80k manual arts. This included a manual describing how to use the various bits of software and four tapes containing different types of programs. These were the Games, Education, Home Finance and BASIC View and Download Sharp MZ80B service manual online. MZ80B Desktop pdf manual download. Sharp MZ80K Restoration The Sharp MZ80K Personal Computer was introduced by Sharp in 1978, following on the heels of the 1977trinity consisting of the Apple II, the TRS80, and the PET 2001.

The Sharp MZ80K is a peculiar computer in many respects and illustrates the transition of early personal computers quite nicely. In 1980, Sharp released the MZ80K2 which is basicaly a MZ80K with 32 KB RAM, a nonreflective keyboard and and a volume control at the rear of the system. One year later, a cost reduced version, the MZ80K2e, was marketed as an anniversay model when MZ View& download of more than Sharp PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides.

3d glasses, 3d glasses user manuals, operating guides& specifications. The MZ series is divided into several lines, including the textbased MZ80K series, the graphicsbased MZ80B series, and the MZ series, based on a completely different architecture.

In 1982, Sharp's television division released the X1, a completely new computer.