Dbx 166xl manuale italiano

Find great deals on eBay for DBX 166XL in Signal Processors and Rack Effects. Shop with confidence. Estratto del manuale: manuale d'uso DBX 266XL Istruzioni dettagliate per l'uso sono nel manuale MISURATORE GAIN REDUCTION (dB) Questo misuratore di riduzione di guadagno mostra la quantit di segnale di ingresso ridotta dal compressore o espansoreesclusione del 266XL.

Mar 08, 2010  The dbx 166XL Dual Compressor Limiter Gate at Front End Audio. We recommend that you take a moment and read through the manual as it mend that you take a moment and read Dbx 166xl manuale italiano the manual as it provides information that will assist you in using your unit to its fullest potential. Features Include: dbx 166XL COMPRESSOR GATE durchzulesen.

Wir wnschen Ihnen viele erfolgreiche Produktionen mit Ihrem dbx 166XL. Die Hauptmerkmale des dbx 166XL sind: Gate, Kompressor und Peak Limiter auf Stereo oder echten Zweikanalbetrieb umschaltbar.

OverEasyWahlschalter zur Umschaltung zwischen der bekannten und der klassischen" Hard Knee" Charakteristik des dbx 160, Patchbay Im Studio knnen Sie den dbx 166XL an eine Patchbay (z.

B. dbx PB48) anschlieen, damit Sie ihn an jede beliebige Stelle in der Studioanlage einschleifen knnen. Wenn Ihr Studio nicht Oggi voglio parlarvi del compressoregate stereo 166XL della famosa DBX. DBX un marchio molto noto nel mondo dellaudio professionale, soprattutto per via di alcuni compressori prodotti da questa azienda, che hanno avuto un ruolo importante nella storia dellaudio.

The 166xs is the latest in a long line of the world's most successful compressors from the inventors of the technology. Its patented Overeasy compression technology provides smooth and musical performance while the AutoDynamic attack and release controls, found only on dbx compressors, puts great sound within easy reach.

When using the 166XLs Attack and Release controls, artists and engineers will find that the center settings deliver classic dbx compression, while the full control range produces voicings that extend from slow leveling to aggressive peak limiting. The 166XLs advanced gate circuitry uses a completely new, programdependent If looking through the dbx Pro 166XL user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Full Screen Viewing to easily view the user manual (without downloading it to your computer), you can use fullscreen viewing mode.