Silverado manual transmission drain plug tool

(for the drain plug) 13mm Socket (for the pan bolts) 6 Inch Extension Bar (for the 38 ratchet) The owners manual for my 2006 K1500 Silverado states for severe operating conditions do a trans filter and fluid change every 50K miles, normal every 100K miles. but that thread does not address the issue with a 2000 Silverado 4L60 Oct 03, 2008 The drain and fill plugs are on the same side of the transmission case.

Learn how to remove plugs from a manual transmission in this free car maintenance video from a professional mechanic. Jan 08, 2009  BUT, this is an aluminumcase transmission so using a torque wrench is very important! The solution we (me and another Dakota buddy) came up with was to buy one (1) 17mm hex key and cut two 1. 5 inch sections from it now you can stick one end of the hex key in the fillerdrain plug and turn it with a 17mm socket and your If the transmission housing contains 2 plugs, the lower is a drain plug, while the upper plug is the filler.

The oil should be level with the bottom edge of the filler hole. This should be checked at least once every 6000 miles (9600 km) I am not aware of a drain plug that can be easily adapted to the stock trans. pan. I have been looking at aftermarket pans that are finned for supposedly better cooling, and have the drain plug already in them. Car& Truck Manual Transmission Parts; Car& Truck Engine Timing Components; Other Car& Truck Parts; More; VW Audi Porsche 16mm 12 point Socket Transmission Drain Sump Plug Tool 3357 See more like this.

Porsche 356A 911 914 928 930 Transmission Drain Plug Tool Empi See more like this. Mar 14, 2016 Transmission fluid drain bolt is often too tight. This easy trick will open it easypeezy. Works for all vehicles. Remember: rightytighty, leftyloosey. Apr 10, 2011 Re: What size Allen wrench 2. 2 manual tran fill Plug Damn that's expensive, I'd gotten a cheapo one. But lucky me, the T5 just uses a 38" sqaure plug, so a rachet works without anything else on it.

Mar 06, 2005 If you have trouble locating a 17mm allen socket, try a VW parts shop one that caters to the old aircooled crowd. The VW transaxles use a 17mm filldrain plug and this is a common tool. Aug 01, 2014 I'm changing the transmission fluid in my S10 4x4 5spd, it has this hex drain plug that none of the auto stores have. It's larger than a 58 Hex allen key. Where are the manual transmission fluid fill and drain plugs on my 89 chevrolet silverado, it has the normal duty aluminum one piece transmission.

May 18, 2005 This may be somewhat of a stupid question, but what is the proper socket size used to remove the automatic transmission drain plug on a 2000 Silverado? It seems to be in between all of my sockets, SAE or Metric. Oct 07, 2011 Its a 89 k1500 350 4wd with a 5speed manual short cab stepside.

It has a large plug that uses an allen wrench to remove the plug. iMy largest allen wrench is a 916 and 14mm which both are too small for the plug, so I need to pick up an allen wrench big enough for it.